Invitation for Research Articles: Navratna E-Journal
Theme: Exploring the Rich Heritage of Western Odisha
Navratna E-Journal invites authors and researchers to contribute short research articles for our upcoming issue, which will highlight the vibrant tapestry of art, culture, history, tourism, and economic activities in Western Odisha. We seek insightful contributions that shed light on the unique aspects that make this region culturally and historically significant.
Preferred Languages:

  1. Odia (Akruti Sarala font or Unicode Odia font)
  2. Hindi (Devanagari Unicode font)
  3. English
    Article Guidelines:
  4. Length: Articles should be concise and focused, with a suggested length of 1000-1500 words.
  5. Language and Fonts:
    • For Odia: Akruti Sarala font or Unicode Odia font.
    • For Hindi: Devanagari Unicode font.
    • For English: Standard Unicode fonts.
  6. Photographs:
    • Articles must be accompanied by relevant high-resolution photographs in JPEG format.
    • Photographs should have a clear reference and caption.
    • Ensure that you have the right to use and share the photographs.
  7. Author Information:
    • Include a brief bio and contact information of the author(s).
    • Mention any relevant affiliations or credentials.
  8. Submission:
    • Email your articles to
    • Clearly mention “Submission for Navratna E-Journal” in the subject line.
    Submission Deadline: [25th of every month )]
    Review Process: All submissions will undergo a peer-review process to ensure the quality and relevance of the content.
    Contact Information: For inquiries and clarifications, please contact Surendra Hota , Editor at [], WhatsApp No +91 9437110250
    We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions that will enrich our understanding of Western Odisha’s cultural, historical, and economic landscape.
    Thank you for your interest in Navratna E-Journal.
    Surendra Hota

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