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Udanti Mahotsav

Udanti Mahotsav 2016
29th January 2016 to 31st January 2016
Sinapali District Nuapada

Udanti Mahotsav 2016
Udanti Mahotsav 2016
Chief guest of the inaugural session Nuapada SP Pinak Mishra IPS
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Udanti 2
Udanti 1
About Sinapali
Sinapali(Odia: ସିନାପାଲି) is a town in Sinapali Tehsil, Nuapada district, Odisha, India. This town is situated in the bank of river Udanti. The main language spoken in Sinapali and Nuapada district is Oriya(kalahandia form).Oriya is used as a medium of education in schools in Odisha, and English is also used in higher education. Many writers have contributed in the field of literature. Poets like Damodar Patra, Manohar Meher, Narayan Bharasa Meher, Kandarpa Panda, Gayadhar Patra used to write in Oriya during pre-independent era, though the region was included in central province. Damodar Patra is famous for writing Malashree, a lyrical poetic form especially used while offering prayer to Goddess Durga. 40 number of his works have been preserved in the Department of History and Archaeology of Sambalpur University. Manohar Meher is also famous for his writings, though much of his works have remained unpublished. Dr. Mahendra Kumar Mishra is a well-known folklorist with his writings like Paschima Odiahara Loka Sanskruti, Kalahandira Loka Sanskruti, Oral Poetry of Kalahandi and Oral Epics of Kalahandi. Dr. Harekrishna Meher is a creative writer, a poet and a translator at the same time. He has translated Tapasvini of Gangadhara Meher to English, Hindi and Sanskrit languages and Meghaduta to Koshali language. At the same time litterateurs like Chandi Charan Bishi, Benudhar Pande, Manoj Meher, Gobinda Sahoo have carved out their places in their respective spheres of writing. The Sahitya Akademi award winning poem Kalahandi by Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan was based on the poet’s observation of life in and around Sinapali.

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