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Samaleswari Milk Union is a sister concern of OMFED operating in the district of Sambalpur, Bargarh, Jharsuguda, Sonepur and Deogarh.
Bargarh is an important district in Agriculture as well as Animal Husbandry . Large number of livestock population available in Bargarh District and farmers are adopting dairy as their livelihood next to cultivation of paddy.
Samaleswari Milk Union is established on 1976 and included in Operation Flood-III Programme during 1989. Various development extension activities taken up for milk producing farmers for their upliftment and take up dairy as source of life.
Samaleswari Milk Union contributes towards developing the Union into a dynamic and economically viable farmer-owned, farmers-led and farmers-benefiting organisation. The Union provides round the year marketing facilities to the rural milk producers in the Bargarh district by forming Milk Producers’ Co-operative Societies(MPCS) giving special attention to sustainable living standard of the farmers. It has been observed that 50% of the revenue village in district have come under co-operative ambit when compared to other revenues. Introduction of Clean Milk Production Practices by creating awareness and understanding among the persons handling milk from production point to milk processing and packing point, supported by strict quality assurance has given very good result.
Milk Union approach as being the nodal agency for dairy sector in the state is quite straight forward. The Dairy Co-op. are being organized continuously, and the farmers are being trained in modern cattle management, clean milk production and various awareness training & demonstration Programmes. They have adopted artificial insemination to upgrade their indigenous cattle for better milk production through Cross Breeding as the supply of milch animals through various anti-poverty schemes of Govt. has become counterproductive. Besides the Milk Union are also providing input services to the farmers on regular basis i.e. supply of Cattle Feed, Mineral Mixture, Deworming & Vaccination of Animals, Animal Treatment Camp including Infertility Camp, promotion of fodder development programme, AZOLA cultivation methodology, First Aid treatment of animals through AI Worker etc. This has helped the farmers to get themselves free from unscrupulous traders by organizing Dairy Co-op. Village level. Once a person from BPL comes into Co-operative sector he/she comes out of BPL forever.z1z2

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