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I. District Police Establishment:
Since its formation in 1993, District Police Establishment of Bargarh has created a distinct image of itself for its commitment to duty. Its disciplined and dedicated service to the people include successful investigation of crime of a varied nature, peaceful conduct of general and local elections, handling of labor unrest and farmer agitations and rescue of bonded laborers from other States. As part of its duty the establishment has also kept guard of vital installations and institutions, managed fairs and festivals particularly the Virat Dhanu Yatra of Bargarh and Baisakha Mela of Nrusinghnath and successfully dealt with the abrupt outbreak of law and order situations. It is worth mentioning here that Padampur sub-division of the district and some parts of Ambabhona block are highly affected with naxal activities. The district police, with the assistance of State Forces and Central Forces, are fighting the naxal menace in the district.
The organization has always stood for the people in all types of situations and will continue to address the problems of the citizen.
II. Organizational set-up of Police Administration
The District Police Establishment of Bargarh has its Headquarters in the Bargarh Town. It is headed by the Superintendent of Police. There are two police sub-divisions, namely, Bargarh and Padampur headed by a Sub-Divisional Police Officer each. There are total 17 Police Stations, 03 Out Posts and 02 Beat Houses in the district. Bargarh sub-division has 07 police stations and Padampur sub-division has 09 Police Stations. Besides, there is one Energy Police Station for the whole district with its headquarters at Bargarh. The following are the names of police stations of Bargarh District:
Bargarh Sub-Division:
1. Town PS
2. Sadar PS
3. Attabira PS,Out Post:Godbhaga OP
4. BarpaliPS,Out Post : Bijayapalli OP
5. AmbabhonaPs,Beat House : Dungri B/H
6. Bhatli PS
7. BhedenPS,Out Post : Rusuda OP
Padampur Sub-Division:
1. Padampur PS
2. Sohela PS
3. Gaisilet PS
4. Bijepur PS
5. Buden PS
6. Jharbandha PS
7. PaikmalPS,Beat House : Nrusinghnath B/H
8. Buden PS
9. Jagadalpur PS
Bargarh Police 1Detective Dog Squad
There is a Detective Dog Squad with a sniffer dog and a Handler which is being utilized for detection of crimes and other related work.III.Incidence of Crime in the District A total of 2594 cases were reported in 2014 against 2333 cases of 2013 and 2445 cases of 2012. 2148 cases have been registered up to 31.07.15 in the current year, 2014.Heinous crimes like 27 Murders, 17 Dacoity, 68 Robbery and 56 Rape cases were reported in 2014. Out of 27 Murder cases, 20 cases have been charge- sheeted, 05 cases have been returned due to factual errors and 02 cases are under nvestigation.
IV. Railway Police, Fire ServicesThere is no Govt. Railway Police Post at Bargarh. Some parts of Bargarh District are covered under Govt. Railway Police Station, Sambalpur and some under Bolangir GRPS. However, there is a RPF Out Post at Bargarh Railway Station which is a Central Govt. Organization. There are 11 Fire Stations in Bargarh District for emergency fire-fighting and to lead rescue operations. The stations are located at 1.Bargarh town, 2.Barpali, 3.Bhatli,4.Ambabhana,5.Attabira,6.Bheden,7.Bijepur,8.Sohela,9.Padampur,10.Gaislet and 11.Paikmal. Each Fire Station has its vehicles and personnel with phone no.101 to attend calls.
The Bargarh Jail was constituted in 1915, which is situated at the heart of Town of Bargarh adjacent to Hospital & Town Police Station bearing the capacity of 281 prisoners; where 231 male prisoners & 50 female Prisoners can be retained. The day to day management and administrative control of the jail is being carried out as per the rules prescribed by the Odisha Jail Manual, guidelines of National Human Rights Commissions and Judiciary Directives.
Sanctioned Posts Staff Position
Jailor cum Superintendent One
Assistant Jailor One
Sub Assistant Jailor One
Pharmacist One
Head Warder Two
Warders Twelve
Female Warder Two
Sweeper (Extra Sweeper) Two
Jail Medical Officer (Part Time)
jailThirteen nos. of closed circuit camera have been installed at different places inside the jail as well as all wards to keep close watch on activities of prisoners and staffs for proper administration.
A video conference room has been recently constructed and going to function shortly in the jail premises as well as in the court premises for hassle free communication and timely trial of cases of inmates.The diet of inmates include morning breakfast(Suji Upama/Chuda & Peas with Tea) rice, roti, pulses, seasonal vegetables, green vegetables, chicken(twice a week), paneer(once a week), biscuits etc.The hygienic condition of the jail is quite satisfactory and the health aspect is being monitored by Part time Jail Medical Officer and the Pharmacist and they are supplying all necessary medicine to the inmates.The Female prisoners are kept in a separate enclosure (ward) taken care by two female warders round the clock.
Volley Ball, Carrom, Ludu,chess etc. are supplied to the inmates for playing games. Apart from this, a Library is functioning inside the jail for inmates of this Jail. Television sets have been installed inside all wards. Aquaguard Water filter have been installed inside the Jail to provide pure & safe drinking water. Two generator sets have been supplied for uninterrupted current supply. The Members of Prajapita Iswariya Viswavidyalaya in some occasions visit the Jail & teach methods of meditation so as to develop moral character of the inmates. The Art of Leaving Society & Swami Vivekananda Dist. Yoga & Wellness Center conduct Yoga programme inside the jail for inmates in a regular interval. A separate Telephone connection for the prisoners has been established. Orissa Jail prisoner’s welfare fund has been created to meet the immediate needs of the inmates. Advocates through Dist. Legal Aid services, Bargarh is visit this jail every week to provide free Legal Aid service to all the inmates. Every year Book Distribution programme is being organized by John Augustus Social & Welfare Services, Athgarh to supply the reading books and copies to the children of poor inmates of this jail who are studying in different schools.
The sub-Jail, Padampur started functioning w.e.f. dt.02.02.1988 after being inaugurated by the the then I.G. of Prisons Sri A.B. Tripathy (I.P.S.).H1pdmpur jail
Prisoner patients are being treated in a Dispensary outside of jail by one extra temporary Pharmacist on daily wages basis and one part time Doctor deputed from sub-divisional Govt. Hospital, Padampur. During an emergency prisoners are shifted to S.D Hospital for specialized treatment following the recommendations of Jail Medical Officer.
Day Latrine (male ward) – 16 Nos
Day Latrine (Female Ward) – 02 Nos
Day Latrine (Juvenile Ward) – 02 Nos
Night Latrine (Male Ward) – 05 Nos
Night Latrine (Female Ward) – 01 No
Night Latrine (Juvenile Ward)- 01 No
Tube well- 02 Nos
Deep Bore well 01 Nos
Cultural & Recreational Activities
1. 04 Nos of color T.V.s in male ward and female ward are connected with D2h connection.
2. Indoor games such as carom, Luddu & Chess have been provided to the inmates.
3. Prisoners are taking part in the Bhajan & Kirtan regularly during morning & evening for their spiritual uplift.

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