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Remembering the Past
Surendra Hota
Photo by Prasanna Mishra
Bargarh :31st December 2015

To day Prasanna Mishra, Editor of Ganaistahar Odia Weekly posted this beautiful photograph of two legendary person Rabindra Chakraborty & Sitikantha Patajoshi as the founder of Ganaistahar. Thanks Prasanna for this beautiful posting.
The living legends Rabindra Chakarabarty & Sitikantha Patajoshi both are the Unique Identities of Bargarh town , But both are migrants. Having bitter experience & struggle of life in the past. One is victim of Bangla state division & another is the victim of Hirakud Dam. Both came to Bargarh almost in the same time. Although they are not born in Bargarh, had not education in Bargarh. But both having a good progressive vision and ability for a developmental changes of the locality. Both of them proved by their work that “Migration is not all ways negative impact but it has a positive impact also”.
During my early days I came with the contact with both the visionary persons. I found Mr Rabindra Chakrabothy as the man of creation & Mr Sitikantha Patjoshi as the man of action. It is my proud privilege that during my younger days I made friendship with almost all the great & older personalities of Bargarh Town, Like late Dayalal Joshi, Late Gopalkrishna Mishra, Late Dr Yogesh Chandra Padhi ,late Lalit Mohan Sahu, Late Lengu Mishra (Sachidananda Mishra), Late Harekrishna Pujhari, Journalist like Late Prafulla Dash, Late Bipin Bihari Agrawal , Late Rosanlal Agrawal, Literary person like Late Sadhu Charan Pattanaik, Late Nambrakabi Motilal Panda,Late Chandra Sekhar Mishra (Batu Mastre), Late Ananda Acharya , Late Lamodar Dash. Late Gountia Harishankar Dash, Late Radheshyam Dash (dance director),Late Damodar Dash (Guruji) , Late Bijepur Jamidar Tulsi Prasad Gadtia (Producer of Oriya film Mana Akasha) , Late Laxmi Narayan Padhi , Politicians like Late Mohan Nag, Late Jadumani Pradhan, Late Chittaranjan Kara, Late Kissan Pattanaik, Professor late Netranada Pujhari & Dr A.G Chudhury (founder principal of Odisha Medical college of Homoeopathy & Research), Late Radhaballav Mishra, Late Haribandhu Mishra, Late Purusottam Sharma & many more. Most of the person has separate identities even Ideological difference with other I am the common person in their groups. Hence I got the better environment to know the pros & cons of these persons. Along with the hidden untold story & truth of the localities which is having a capacity to change the history of Bargarh Town. There are many untold naked truth I cannot express. Truth is always truth I know these facts from these great personalities. It is not the proper time & forum to expose the truth, Perhaps these secrete will remain secrete after my death which information was I got from my past older friends. Although I was in the age of their sons but due to my curiosities to understand the realities of the locality I made friendship with them .This curiosity make me latter on a journalist. Like other I am not a journalist by profession but a journalist by nature. All these person gives me a lot of love and affection like their sons (But I felt some time it is more than their sons also). So many time I became a medium of communication between father & sons. me as much of I also not hesitate to make friendship with the present legendary person like Sitikantha Patajoshi, Evergreen Headmaster Prasanna Dash , Veteran Artist like Rabindra Chakraborty, Politician like Prasanna Acharya, Sureswar Satapathy, Gopal Prasad Lath, Ganeshram Agrawal, Sadananda Panigrahi even Industrialist like Santosh Agrawal & Cine actor like Pruthwiraj Nayak etc….. . I name the relation as friendship, Because it is above selves & beyond barrier of age. Friendship is friendship. All are Older friends & Younger friends. I think my self as the last survived link of missing generation gap of the great personality of Bargarh City. Now a days which becoming weaker & weaker day by days due to the polluted global social changes.
Once upon a time I was also an aggressive person like present veteran journalist Birendra Pradhan. When something I found odd or not suitable for me I react like Biren Pradhan. Hence during any meeting When I saw the Reaction of Biren Pradhan or anybody else I remember my early days & laugh for my foolishness done at that time. How foolish I was. What mistake I done early they are repeating the same & like me, a time will come they will realize the same. Now they react because they does not knows the truth of the past or not get the opportunity to knows the facts. May new year 2016 gives the opportunity all the journalist of Bargarh to know the truth & reality of life, so that they can lead the future society in proper way. For some of my action I may hurt many people in 2015 for which I beg apology from all.
There is a proverb “Time & Tide waits for none”. There was a day we welcome 2015 as Happy New year. That was the happiest moment & most demanded celebration. But today that was an unwanted moment & we are thinking about its early Pass out. In 2015 we lost many personalities who were very powerful & influential at their time . I missed them & pray my hearty tribute to all with a lots of hope for a better 2016 for all.

Surendra Hota

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