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China Consul General visits KISS

China Consul General visits KISS


 Bhubaneswar ,10th February 2018 (By Prasant Kumar Bhuyan) It is so nice to see all of you here. It is amazing experience on part of me to be in the midst of you. Thanks Dr. Samanta for inviting me to visit KIIT and KISS,” said, Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of China in Kolkata while addressing the students of KISS during his visit He evoked the historic relationships between the China and the erstwhile Kalinga (now Odisha) in the days of yore when the Chinese people used to visit Kalinga for trade, cultural and tourism point of view. “In the process, exchanges of relationship between the two states were being done in those days. Today, I also foresee, both China and Odisha are going to witness more such mutual exchanges and interactions in the days to come,” added Mr. Ma Zhanwu. “I will covey my good experience about KIIT and KISS among the Chinese people and propose officials, activists, policymakers  and people from different walks of life to visit KIIT and KISS in the coming years. Also he requested Dr. Samanta to facilitate some students of KISS to visit China as a gesture of reviving our historic and long standing friendship.”Introducing Mr. Ma Zhanwu to the students of KISS, Prof. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIT and KISS said, “KISS has become the most sought after destination for the statesmen and policy makers across the world. Among others R. N Dash, Secretary KIIT and KISS and Dr. Prashanta Kumar Routray, CEO, KISS were also present.


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