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MONNA releases Bhubaneswar Declaration for ‘Liquor Free India’

MONNA releases Bhubaneswar Declaration for ‘Liquor Free India’

Bhubaneswar, 29th January, 2018:(By Jitendra Sahoo)  A national level convention for Liquor Free India organized here on Monday at Institution of engineers, Bhubaneswar. Stressed for formation of a national forum & movement for Liquor Prohibition. The convention saw participation from 22 state representatives, including activists from across odisha. A resolution was passed unanimously named Bhubaneswar Declaration released on the occasion, putting forward several demands to central & state government to attain a goal for liquor free India. A national committee is formed on the occasion with commitment to hold next meeting of the national committee at New Delhi on 15 April 2018.First session of the convention held on the theme of Necessity of the national prohibition, where speakers like Shri Padmalochan Nayak, President, MONNA, Shri Abasara Beuria, Dr Shirin Rehram, Acharya Santosanad Ji, Mahaveer Tyagi were present. Three main points emerged from the session are, firstly the total prohibition is constitutional & legal to be implemented in the whole country. Though Liquor prohibition is a state subject, however it can be interpreted as a fundamental right as right to dignified life & total prohibition is included in article-47 of directive principles of state policy. Secondly, there is need for formulation of national policy on liquor prohibition and thirdly to carry forward the movement, there is a need for national forum.Briefing the Bhubaneswar declaration, Shri Padmalochan Nayak, National Committee Member, Said, “Bhubaneswar Declaration was passed with commitment to form a national movement for liquor free India is the urgent need of the hour, to carry the movement forward formation of a national committee, appeal to the prime minister of India for a national policy to implement total prohibition, appeal to the chief ministers of all states to implement total prohibition, to include liquor menace in educational curriculum.”Milita Odisha Nisha Nibarana Abhijan (MONNA) takes this opportunity to put forward following demands before the government of Odisha. This includes, Total prohibition including the withdrawal and non renewal of all types of licenses for manufacturing, distributing and selling of all types of liquor with immediate effect i.e. 1 April 2018. Unconditional withdrawal of police cases against the anti liquor activists. Compensation to the anti-liquor activists who are injured or killed by police or the goons of liquor mafias. Declare Sri Dileswar Dandsena, Smt Urmila Kahanr, Meeta Lakra and others as martyrs who were killed during the anti-liquor movements. To place the investigation report of police firing at Namtara on 8th March 2015 at the assembly floor and other similar cases of atrocities be investigated by a Special Investigating Team, culprits be identified and punished immediately.Others present on the occasion are, Ms Sarita Tyagi, Mamta Shama, Lingaraj, Krishna Mohanty, Adwaita Kumar Patra, Shri Jagadanand.

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