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Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee spokesman Dr Hamid Hussen criticized State Government Urban Development Policy

Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee spokesman Dr Hamid Hussen criticized State Government Urban Development Policy

Bhubaneswar,30th May 2017:: Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee spokesman Dr Hamid Hussen addressing the press at Congress Bhawan Bhubaneswar ::Photo: Biswaranjan Mishra 
Bhubaneswar ,30th May 2016 (By Prasant Kumar Bhuyan):- Industry, Urban Development & Housing are major neglected areas.The neglect is due to lack of leadership, lack of adequate vision and initiative. Industry – Industry & mining contribute 32% to our GSPD. This means out of 3.5 lakhs crores of rupees of total GSPD, about 1 lakh crores of rupees is contributed by Industry. The Govt. is doing precious little to boost the sector. Our Industry is mainly mining based i.e. 65% of total Industry.However mining scam has marred the prospect of mining and CBI enquiry is going on. This has very  dversely affected industry sector and reduced it to 6% growth rate.In power,Steel Plant, Sponge Iron, IT etc., govt. has signed numerous MOUs with various private companies. But nothing tangible is coming forth. Micro, Small and medium enterprises are now worst sufferers.Electricity, Gas and water supply, construction and manufacturing sectors are in bad shape, due to regressive and out dated policies of the government.Odisha’s Iron ore reserve is 25% of India’s iron reserve, it has huge bauxite, Manganese, Coal, Nickel, Chromium and lime reserves but we are unable to take advantage of this. Our poor approach and bureaucratic bottlenecks led to POSCO’s withdraw of 56000 crores of rupees of steel project, Mittal scrapped it 40 crores of steel project. Jindel Steel and powerscrapped 62000 crores of CTL project at Angul. Odisha government’s initiative to have 1000 start-ups have not taken to wings, Eco tourism is yet to see day light, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) were promised in 2015 but nothing has come about. IT Park,Mega Food Park and many such projects were promised by the govt., but it remained in promises only.Related with the issues are environment pollution and employment issues which are absolutely neglected.Urban Development and Housing – 85% of allocation on Urban Development is  spent on maintenance, service and salary payment and only 15% of it is used in asset building. This is precisely why the condition of Urban areas are deteriorating with reports of water scarcity, poor sanitary facilities, Lack of toilets, garbage dumping, domestic waste and pollutants finding their way to major rivers.Most of the Towns and Municipalities have open drainage system, leading to high reporting of Malaria, Typhoid, Jaundice, Gastroenteritis etc.Infant mortality is very high in these areas. Narrow lanes, hanging electric wires, dumped garbage, dug-up roads will face you which ever town you go to BDA and CDA are corruption ridden. Courts have directed to demolish building blocking drainage. Illegal construction and land acquisition by mafia are day today affairs.Urban poverty is rising. Large number of people in Urban areas live in slums. For instance, in Bhubaneswar alone out of 8 lakhs population 3 lakhs live in slums. Many areas do not have toilets, electrification and drainage system. Large number of families live in a single room. Many have plastic roof over their head.National livelihood mission is in poor shape. Urban unemployment is increasing i.e. now at 6%.Odisha Housing Mission is a complete flop. There is huge requirement of housing in all urban bodies. Nothing is being done, which can be easily done by Delhi Development Authority, NOIDA or HUDA model. The Govt. lacks imagination and initiative.

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