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4th Term: Prasad Harichandan said BJD Govt’s 3rd Innings: unfulfilled even after 17 years

4th Term: Prasad Harichandan said BJD Govt’s 3rd Innings: unfulfilled even after 17 years

Bhubaneswar , 21st May 2017 (By Prasant Kumar Bhuyan) Ruling Biju Janta Dal (BJD) and opposition Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) over the former’s achievement during 17 years in power in the State, OPCC president Prasad Harichandan heavily criticised the Naveen Patnaik Government today. He said the BJP and the BJD looted Odisha for nine years together. “Now, BJD is doing the same alone poverty are on rise in State,” alleged the PCC chief.“Despite being in power in the State for last 17 years PCC president claimed Opposition Congress and BJP today left no stone unturned to raise fingers at the regional party stating that it has failed on all fronts. The Congress alleged the State is still backward in development index of the country even after 17 years of BJD rule.”The government has utterly failed in all fields as a result of which unemployment and poverty haunt people who are now fed up with the government. Now, it has to face the consequences”, PCC president Prasad Harichandan said at a press conference. He stated BJD Government has also failed to provide electricity to 33 lakh households and piped water supply to people. Around 30 lakh people were affected by multi-crore chit fund scam, but they have not received a single penny so far, darkness still prevails in the State,” said Prasad before media. Not forgetting to mention about the poll promises made by BJD Prasad added a majority of them still remains unfulfilled. “The tall promises like electricity and BJD government has failed on all fronts. The Pointing at farmer’s plight in the state Prasad claimed though the government had sold a dream like free electricity for agriculture during the election, it has so far failed to take a step towards its realization. On the other hand, setting up cold storages in each block of the State remains on pen and paper till date. Taking pot shot at the Naveen Government the State during the coalition government. “The BJD and BJP looted the State for nine years together and now BJD is doing the same alone”, he quipped. They (BJD) have done precious little in the last 14 years and are only giving emphasis on the last three years. That is the only reason to celebrate anniversary”, the Congress leader criticised.The State BJP too came down heavily on the government dubbing it as a failure. “When eligible families failed to get ration cards and instead people like the Mayor and families of  MLAs availed it has not done anything significant for the development of Odisha., which dubs itself as protagonist of women’s development mocked that the ‘Gaan Ku Kama, Maa Ku Samman’ slogan of BJD has turned despite remaining in power for 17 long years,

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