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Bhubaneswar Raided For Tampering: Crackdown on city petrol pumps begins

Bhubaneswar Raided For Tampering: Crackdown on city petrol pumps begins

Bhubaneswar,9th May 2017 (By Prasant Kumar Bhuyan)- After Uttar Pradesh Odisha Government has launched massive crackdown to ensure that no ‘electronic chips’ are used to tamper with fuel calibration by unscrupulous petrol pump owners in the state. As part of the strategy to protect the rights of consumers the State Civil Supplies Department conducted simultaneous raids on petrol filling stations at various places in Bhubaneswar. raids were conducted at several petrol filling stations in Bhubaneswar here on Tuesday.The raids were jointly carried out by four teams of Civil Supplies and Weight and Measures Department in 14 filling stations across the city.Though the teams did not find any electronic chips, irregularities were detected in dispensation of fuel by two petrol pumps during the raid Four teams have been formed to raid on petrol pumps to check irregularities. Also Read Vigilance Raid On Panchayat Executive Officer“The teams had raided nearly 14 filling stations and weights and measures have penalised two petrol pumps for irregularities in fuel dispensation, “said Food and Consumer Welfare Minister, Surya Narayan Patro.Official sources said, adequate steps are being taken to ensure that right quantity of fuel is supplied to consumers at various fuel outlets in the state. So far, sources said no irregularities have been found at the fuel dispensing machines in the raided petrol pump. Last week, it had been reported that certain petrol pumps in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh .It was found that for every litre, the petrol pumps took away 50 ml of the fuel.“So far, we have not found the UP-like electronic chips in the filling machine to take out a certain amount of petrol every time they created for filling purpose,” said a Civil Supplies The raids were part of apprehension about use of possible electronic gadgets similar to those detected in Uttar Pradesh that were used for tampering with the system in dispensing units. The Special Task Force had earlier busted the fraud and cheating done by various petrol pumps across Uttar Pradesh. The raids detected that dispensing machines were fitted with electronic chips and manipulated through remote control devices. an electronic chip like a device, which costs Rs 3000, According to reports, the chips were attached to wire linked with a remote control. By using the remote control, the staff at several filling stations in Uttar Pradesh were able to set the limit and ensure that consumers were supplied with 940 ml or less fuel for purchase of one litre of petrol/ diesel was placed inside the petrol dispensing machine meticulously through which petrol pumps took away 50 ml of the fuel each time they fill the vehicle.

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