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Naveen can not force Odia people to become Vagabond: Kharabela

Naveen can not force Odia people to become Vagabond: Kharabela

Bhubaneswar dtd.25.04.2017:(By Prasant Kumar Bhuyan)  Since five rupees Rice & Dalma scheme which is being provided in urban  areas of Odisha by BJD Govt. is not preferred by the people, Naveen babu cannot forcibly make Odia  people as “Chhatrakhia” or vagabond. This view is expressed by Utkal Bharat Party President  Mahameghabahana Aira Kharabela Swain. He also said, the Secretary of Urban Development department of the Govt. Sri Mathivathanan has written letters to different district collectors that in small towns people are not taking such food items and huge quantity of such cooked food items which are not serviced are being wasted. So the Govt. is actively considering to further less the cost of this food to attract the people. Actually, Intention of Sri Naveen Patnaik was that by distributing free and cheap food the governments of Tamilnadu an some states are come to power. So he introduced this five-rupee Rice-Dalma scheme in Odisha. But how long people of Odisha will depend on such free kitchen service to improve their living status! Sri Swain questions how long the people of Odisha will accept this and change their livelihood! BJP also claims that the Modi Govt. provides Rs.27 per Kg of such rice. So  Naveen Patnaik is not responsible for this, the BJP takes the credit for such scheme and on the other hand they make Odias lethargic. Sri Swain claims, development of a state is not done like this. Hard work, sincerity can only lift a class or society to higher level. Therefore, with negative mindset, both BJD and BJP cannot make the state a prosperous one. Utkal Bharat will show the path of sincerity, perseverance and industrious for all-round development of Odisha.

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