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House Search of Sri Satyanarayan Patajoshi, J.E, Badamba Block,

House Search of Sri Satyanarayan Patajoshi, J.E, Badamba Block, Dist. Cuttack 

 Cuttack ,21st March 2017 .Basing on the allegation of acquisition and possession of assets disproportionate to the known sources of income by  Sri Satyanarayan Patajoshi, Junior Engineer, Badamba Block, Cuttack, his (1) double storied building at Nukhapada, Cuttack, (2) double storied commercial building at Nukhapada Bazar, Cuttack, (3) residential Rented House at Gadapokhari, Badamba, Cuttack, (4) Father-in-law house at Adheigundi, PS-Kanpur, Bhadrak and (5) Office Room at Block Office, Badamba, Cuttack were simultaneously searched on 21.03.2017 by the Officers of Cuttack Vigilance Division, Cuttack on the strength of Search Warrants issued by the Court of Spl. Judge, Vigilance, Cuttack.  During search, the following approximate movable and immovable assets have been detected from the possession of Sri Patjoshi and his family members.

Immovable & Movable Assets

1. Cost of double storied building at Nukhapada in the name of his father. Rs.15,00,000/-
2. Cost of double storied building at  Nukhapada Bazar in his name. Rs.16,07,355/-
3. One 3 B.H.K flat  at Gothapatna, Bhubaneswar in his name. Rs.24,52,900/-
4. Deposits in different banks in his name and his family members. Rs.17,95,215/-
5. Deposits in L.I.C in his name  and his family members Rs.19,79,733/-
6. Deposits in FDR in UCO Bank in the name his wife   and his family members Rs. 12,11,000/-
7. Cost of one Maruti Etriga bearing Registration No. OD 25B 2626 in his name. Rs.  8,00,000/-
8.  Cost of one  Maruti Gypsy vide Regn No.OR 06A 4456 in the name of his brother. Rs.     40,000/-
9. Cost of one Hero Honda motorcycle bearing Registration No. OR05-1-6273 in the Name of his brother. Rs.     52,000/-
10. Cost of one Yamaha motorcycle bearing Regn  0R-05 5133 in his name . Rs.    40,000/-
11. Cost of Bajaj Platina motorcycle bearing Regn No. 0R05AA 0701. Rs.    33,000/-
12. House hold article Rs. 4,00,000/-
13. Cost of Gold ornaments Rs. 1,90,000/-
14. Hard cash. Rs.    16,000/-
                                                    Total Rs.1,21,17,203/-

Thus, the total assets of Sri Patjoshi has been calculated as Rs.1,21,17,203/- so far.


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