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Biennial Election to the Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Council by the Members of the Legislative Assembly

Biennial Election to the Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Council by the Members of the Legislative Assembly

Seats of 6(Six) Members of the Legislative Council of the State of Jammu & Kashmir, elected by the Members of the Legislative Assembly of the State, are due to fall vacant on the retirement of those members on the expiration of their term of office, as under :-

SI.NO. Constituency Name of member Date of Vacancy
1. Poonch District of Jammu Province Jahangir Hussain Mir 19.04.2017
2. Jammu Province Master Noor Hussain 19.04.2017
3. Jammu Province Jugal Kishore Sharma 19.04.2017
4. Kashmir Province Dr. S. Bashir Ahmad

Shah (Veeri)

5. Kashmir Province Mr. Yasir Reshi 19.04.2017
6. Kashmir Province S. Dharambir Singh 19.04.2017
  1. The above six regular vacancies will be filled by Biennial election as per the following programme:-


Sl. No. Event Schedule
1. Issue of Notification 22.03.2017 (Wednesday)
2. Last date of making Nominations 29.03.2017  (Wednesday)
3. Scrutiny of Nominations 30.03.2017 (Thursday)
4. Last date for the withdrawal of candidatures 03.04.2017 (Monday)
5. Date of poll 17.04.2017 (Monday)
6. Counting of Votes 17.04.2017 (Monday) at 5.00 PM
7. Date before which election shall be completed 18.04.2017 (Tuesday)

Three separate elections will be held, as per the above schedule –  one, for filling 2 (Two) seats from Jammu Province, second, for, filling the seats reserved for Poonch District of Jammu Province, and, third, for filling 3 (Three) seats from Kashmir Province.

Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Council

About Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Council 

The Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Council is the upper House of the Jammu and Kashmir State Legislature. The Lower House of the State Legislature is called the Legislative Assembly. Section 46 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir provides that the Legislature for the State shall consist of the Governor and two Houses to be known respectively as the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.


The first Legislature of the State was established by the government of the Maharaja Hari Singh in 1934 under Act No. 1 of 1991 (Bikrami), which later came to be known as the Constitution Act of 1934 A.D. The Legislature consisted of (a) the Council, comprising of the Prime Minister and Ministers appointed by him, and (b) the Assembly, known as Prajasabha. Out of seventy five members of the Assembly, thirty were elected from Constituencies and Communities specified in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Electoral Regulations while the rest forty two non-elected members included Ministers of His Highness, and officials and persons nominated by him. In 1939, the Maharaja promulgated the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution Act of 1996 (Bilrami) corresponding to 1939 A.D. section 13 of the 1939 Act provided for a Legislature consisting of His Highness and a chamber to be known as Prajasabha.

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