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House Search of Sri Adhikari Ashok Kumar Chatarjee,

House Search of Sri Adhikari Ashok  Kumar Chatarjee, Ex-Regional officer, Pollution Control Board, Balasore,

Bhubaneswar 28th February 2017 (By Tapas Mohapatra) – On the allegation of possession of assets disproportionate to the known sources of income by Sri Adhikari Ashok Kumar Chatarjee, Ex-Regional officer, Pollution Control Board, Balasore, A/P-Regional officer, Pollution Control Board, Rayagada, simultaneous searches were conducted on 28.02.2017 by the Officers of Balasore Vigilance Division on the strength of Search Warrants issued by the Court of Spl. Judge, Vigilance, Balasore in his (i) rented  house at Nehuru Nagar, Rayagada Town  (ii) office Chamber at Kasturi Nagar, Rayagada Town. (iii) double storied building at Bhimpura, Balasore Town,  (iv) flat in Nirupama Appartment, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar, (v) double storied Building  at  Badaraghunathpur near Gohira Chhka, Bhubaneswar, (vi) quarter of his son at Birla Tyres Colony Bamapada, Balasore and (vii) paretenal house at village Badapada, Pattamundai, Dist-Kendrapara. During house search the following movable and immovable assets were found from the possession of Sri Chhartarjee and his family members.

Immovable & Movable Assets:-

Sl Description of assets Value
1. Cost of on double Storied Building along with one  out house with Compound wall at Bhimpura Balasore Town Rs.17,33,440/-
2. Cost of one double storied building at Badaraghunathpur near Gohira Chhaka Bhubaneswar. Rs.50,92,346/-
3. Cost of one flat at Nirupama Apparment, Nayapalli Bhunaneswar. Rs.2,30,000/-
4. Cost of land at Balasore Town Rs.72,000/-
5. Cost of land at Bhubaneswar Rs. 27,189/-
6. Deposit in different Banks in his name and in the names of his family members. Rs.13,40,441/-
7. Postal deposits Rs.5,13,000/-
8. Premium deposits made in 17 LIC Policies Rs.15,56,612/-
9. Premium deposits in Max Life Insurance Rs.7,98,671/-
10. Deposits in Shiram City Union Finance Rs.5,44,196/-
11. Hard Cash Rs.3,57,000/-
12. Gold Ornaments Rs.1,40,000/-
13. Cost of one Chevrolet SAIL LS Car, bearing Regd. No-OD-01G-3812 Rs.5,50,000/-
14. Cost of one Hero Honda Pleasure scooty bearing Regd. NO- OD-01-k-2636 Rs.54,000/-
15. Cost of one Hero Honda Passion Plus Motor cycle bearing Regd. NO- OD-01-G-2213 Rs.47,000/-
16. Cost of one Hero Honda CD 100 Motor cycle, bearing Regd. NO- OR-02-U-3427 (purchase 2nd hand.) Rs.8,000/-
17. House hold Articles Rs.6,42,865/-
  Total Rs.1,37,06,760/-

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