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National Natural Food Festival- 2017 & Naturopathy & Yoga Seminar inaugurated.

National Natural Food Festival- 2017 & Naturopathy & Yoga Seminar inaugurated. Health is not a mere absence of disease- Governor.

Bhubaneswar, Dt. 10.2.2017(BY Biswaranjan Mishra)-Health is wealth and it should be the priority before every individual and rightly it has been the priority sector for the Government. As a society we are now facing significant health problems. People are seen bearing escalating medical costs on treatment to different illnesses. Research shows that these problems are partly related to diet and attribute the diseases to a network of biological dysfunction. And the food we east  is a important factor in that dysfunction in part because our diets lack the necessary balance of nutrients. It is said – eat well to live longer, prevent disease and maintain healthy weight. Studies show that good food choices and right combination of food have a positive impact on health and poor diets have negative long-term effects, said Governor Dr. S.C. Jamir.

Inaugurating the National Natural Food Festival- 2017 & Naturopathy & Yoga  Seminar at Janata Maidan, Governor said, in many medical systems, such as traditional Indian Medicines, Ayurvedic Medicine or Naturopathy, food has always been an important way to treat illness and maintain health. Medical science is rediscovering what our ancient seers and sages suggested many centuries ago: that nature has the power to heal us I body, mind and spirit. Current research shows how right they were. Some physicians are even giving their patients “nature prescriptions” for everything from obesity and high-bloodpressure to diabetes. Natural food and Naturopathy are a dynamic approach which is cost effective, non-invasive intervention to assessing, preventing, and treating complex andchronic diseases using nutrition.Health is not a mere absence of disease. It is a dynamic expression of life – in  terms of how joyful, loving and enthusiastic one becomes. Whether it is stress relief, inner peace, improving immunity and having better health yoga is a proven practice since ancient time. Yoga is a practice to make a balance of body, mind and soul. Yoga is a precious gift from India to the whole world which handed over to us from our ancient  yogis. The world recognizes the benefits of yoga as United Nations declares 21 st June as  World Yoga day. It is a great achievement for us. With regular practice of yoga, one tends to become more sensitive to the kind of food his body asks for. I am happy that this  festival is having a seminar on Yoga Naturopathy with demonstrations and explanations. I am sure people will gain more knowledge on yoga, its benefits and will embrace it as a way of life to stay healthy, Governor observed. Governor urged upon on crating awareness among general public, parents, mothers, children and more importantly youth in making their food choices. It is for schools and their management to educate children on which food to avoid and which one to consume.Prof. BTC Murthy, Former Director, National Institute of Naturopathy, Prof. Radha Mohan, former State Information Commissioner, Dr. Neeraja Reddy, Principal, Gandhi Naturopathic Medical College, Telengana and B.K. Prusty, State Coordinator spoke on  the objectives of the festival. Governor released two books on Naturopathy Food Concepts’ & A Position Paper of Yoga & Naturopathy in India. The festival and food  exhibition will continue upto 12 th February. The festival is organized by National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune, under the Ministry of AYUSH.

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