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Book released ‘Dracula of Demonetization’

Book released ‘Dracula of Demonetization’

New Delhi, 07/02/2017: An incisive frontline thinker of the contemporary Indian society, MayadharNayak is a firebrand trade unionist and a prolific writer. Nayak known for his penchant for new ideas like, ‘Economic Terrorism’, ‘Land to Let’, has come out this time with his new exploding sensation ‘Dracula of Demonetisation’, openly denouncing Prime Minister Modi’s demonitization as a retrogressive step taken in a hot haste to scuttle our economy. He cautions us against the horror of Modi’s demonetization looming large over the country’s horizon and sensitizes us about 2017-18 financial years being a barren and stagnant year in economic sector. To quote his words, “Production will come down, purchasing power will be lowered, and tourism industry and rural economy will be hit adversely. The problem of food security will be critical. The farmers and the wage-earners in the villages shall be hit at the worst”. To sustain and substantiate his observations, Nayak cites noble laureates AmartyaSen condemning demonetization as smacking of ulterior motives and an act of treason by the government and BengtHolmstorm derisively describing it as an act of prostitution by women. The author smells sinister motives lurking behind the sudden illegalization of 500 and 1000 bills countering the Modi Government’s claim that it was imperative to banish black money and counterfeited notes from Indian market economy. “Otherwise, how the members of a particular political party not only amassed huge fortunes in their banks but also secured enormous land deals just three to four days before the scourge of demonetization which was only known to a few hand-picked of five to six persons”, lambasts the author against the Modi’s muddled megalomaniac, midget Hitler like designs. “Truly speaking, a reign of economic terrorism has ushered in every nook and corner of the country. It is no exaggeration that Modiji has transformed the poor and the middle class men as if they are the beggars begging for alms while seeking to get back their own money. Today, the Indian masses appear as imbecile creatures in blind alleyways of economy”, observes Nayak while depicting a vivid pictorial presentation in the aftermath of the demonetization. The writer goes a step ahead in prophesying that NarendraDamodarModi is certainly going to invite the doomsday for BJP in the near future in the context of Indian power politics when the ensuing Uttarpradesh and Punjab elections will prove as Modi’s waterloo. The author’s conclusive opinion is that the horror of demonetization all over the country is unmistakably a prologue to that end.    

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