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Surprise check on different Petrol pumps/Gas Agency.

Surprise check on different Petrol pumps/Gas Agency.

Cuttack ,14th January 2017:   Basing on the allegation of black marketing of cooking gas by the Gas Agencies, adulteration of diesel, petrol and lubricants and its sale in lesser quantity, joint surprise checks were conducted today i.e., on14.01.2017 across the state by the Officers of State Vigilance in various petrol pumps and gas agency of Koraput, Nawarangpur, Bhubaneswar, Puri, Berhampur, Balsore, Sambalpur, Bargarh, Angul and Cuttack. The Vigilance Officers were assisted by the Officers of Civil Supplies Department and Legal Metrology Department in conducting the surprise checks.

During Joint surprise checks, irregularities in respect of the following Petrol Pumps and Gas Agency were detected:-

Sl. No. Name of the Filling Station with location Nature of Irregularities
1. M/S.Prakash & Co, Gandhi Chowk, Jeypore, Koraput 1.Shortage of 262 ltrs. of Diesel ,

2.Delivering 998ml of petrol instead of 1000ml. to the customers.

2. M/S.Tanveer Filling Station, Koraput 1.Excess stock of 53 ltrs. of Extra premium petrol and shortage of 33 ltrs. of ordinary petrol
3. M/S. Diksha Refill Station, Nawarangapur 1. Shortage of 64 ltrs. of Diesel and 54 ltrs. of petrol.

2.Delivering 996ml. of petrol instead of 1000ml. to the customers.

4. M/S.Adhoc Tanveer Filling Station, Borguma, Koraput 1. Shortage of 128.47 ltrs. of Diesel and 176.1 ltrs. of petrol.
5. Pelican Filling Station, Nanpur, Pipili, Puri Shortage of stock of 20 ltrs. of petrol and 96 ltrs. of diesel was detected.
6. Jaya Radha Service Station, Biraharikrushnapur, Puri Defects were detected in calibration of the equipment of the filling station.
7. Kedarnath Fuel, Kadua, on Bhubaneswar-Puri Road. Excess stock of 155 ltrs. Petrol and shortage of  165 ltrs. of diesel was detected
8. M/S.PVN Rao Petrol Pump, Town Hall, Berhampur Shortage of 323 ltrs. of petrol.
9. Auro Filling Station, Gopalpur, Berhampur Shortage of 292 ltrs. of petrol and 576 ltrs. of diesel
10. Jagannath Service Station, Sheragada, Balasore Shortage of 71.14 ltrs. of diesel.
11. BPCL Petrol Pump, Sivapur, Balasore Shortage of 231 ltrs.  and excess of 78.5 ltrs. of diesel.

Excess of 19 ltrs. of petrol

12. Sambit Jyoti Highway Service, Markona, Balasore Excess of 725 ltrs. of diesel and 34 ltrs. of  petrol
13. M/S.Hindustan Fuel Filling Station, Sohela, Bargarh Delivering 984ml. of petrol instead of 1000ml. to the customers.

Fine of Rs.6,000/- was realised from the Proprietor  and notice was issued by the Inspector Metrology, Bargarh for rectification of the machine.

14. M/S.Ratan Agency, Ainthapalli, Sambalpur Excess stock of 15,000 ltrs. of diesel, which was unloaded on 14.01.2017 at about 3 A.M.

Excess stock of 77.2 ltrs. of petrol

15. M/S. Sasan Filling Station, Sasan, Sambalpur Shortage of 216 ltrs.  of diesel and 64 ltrs. of petrol.
16. Surya Filling Station, Main Road, Talcher, Angul Shortage of 45 ltrs. of diesel.


17. Pradhan Gas Service (HP), Talcher, Angul Shortage of 40 Gas cylinders (filled) in the godown was detected. During further enquiry it was found that the gas cylinders were unuthorisedly sold to Sri Debaraj Panda of Talcher  without any document. Verification of records further revealed that the above 40 cylinders were allegedly issued in the name of different consumers of the agency by manufacturing fake documents.

On receipt of the above information, the godown of Sri Panda was searched and altogether 83 gas cylinders of different companies including the above 40 cylinders were detected.

Further, gas filling materials were also found from the premises of the godown of Sri Panda.


During the course of surprise check, samples of petrol/diesel were collected from the petrol/diesel tanks and were sealed in presence of the Proprietors/ Managers/Salesmen of the respective Filling stations for the purpose of chemical examination to ascertain the percentage of adulteration.  During the surprise check, it was also detected that many of the filling stations did not possess a valid explosive license which is required under the Explosive Act and Rules. The Chief Controller of Explosive is being moved to take appropriate action against the retail filling stations for selling petrol and diesel in retail without possessing a valid explosive licence.   Appropriate steps are also being taken to initiate action against the defaulting Filling Stations and their Proprietors for violation of the provisions of Essential Commodities Act and other relevant Acts. Further, the State Vigilance is also moving the respective Collectors & District Magistrates of different districts to initiate proper legal action against defaulting petrol pumps under the relevant provisions of law.

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