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Speech of Chief Minister Naveen Pattanaik in the Conference of BJD Legal Front.

Speech of Chief Minister Naveen Pattanaik in the Conference of BJD Legal Front.

Bhubaneswar ,14th January 2017: I am delighted to be here today amongst all of you to attend the Conference of BJD Legal Front. I congratulate all of you on this happy occasion. In adherence to the pro-people policies and initiatives of our party Biju Janata Dal, the BJD Legal Front was launched on 22nd November in 2015. Since then, this Front has been successfully providing legal assistance to the poor and under-privileged. I thank all of you for playing a significant role in strengthening this Front. The Biju Janata Dal is committed to and working tirelessly for the upliftment of the poor and the disadvantaged sections of society by ensuring their rights and privileges. The welfare initiatives of the State Government are in fact an exercise to protect the rights of the poor. We are committed to the cause of the Scheduled Tribes, the Scheduled Caste, women and the poor people of the state. Our intention has always been to empower the weaker sections of society and 2 enable them to take on the high and mighty. Creating opportunity for securing justice for all without any exclusion at an affordable cost is our primary concern. I strongly believe that the BJD Legal Front will further the process of providing social, economic and political justice to the people. I have full confidence on you and the Legal Front as a whole which will carry forward the message to the people, and contribute immensely in the ensuing Panchayat lections to strengthen the Biju Janata Dal. As you know, Odisha has for last several years been regarded as a model state in providing social security to people. We have put in place a robust social welfare mechanism that covers every section of society starting from the infants to old and infirm, women, farmers, labourers and every other under-privileged group. We are the only state to double the income of farmers in the last decade and transformed Odisha from a rice deficit state to a rice central 3 state. Our contribution to the public distribution system of the country is third highest among the states. Mission Shakti is a kind of silent revolution in empowering more than five million women. Magmata is one of the largest direct benefit transfer schemes that has disbursed more than eleven hundred core rupees to more than 2.5 million pregnant women. We have also been successful in providing shelter security to one million families by constructing pucca houses to the rural poor. All these initiatives are a reflection of our policy of socio economic justice to poor. As you know the rivers, especially the Mahanadi, are the lifelines of Odisha. But Odisha has repeatedly denied of its rights on the rivers flowing through it. Both in Pollavorum and Mahanadi, we have been a victim of central neglect and conspiracy. But all of you know that we are determined to fight this issue at every level till we agchieve the desired results. Similarly, another important example of central 4 neglect is the denial of fund for KBK region. Tribal students are also facing problem in getting central scholarship in higher education due to indifferent attitude of the Government of India. I certainly believe as the Legal luminaries of the state, you have the legal expertise and moral responsibility to strengthen our fight on this issue. Odisha under the BJD Government is one among the few states of the country which has taken a number of initiatives to strengthen the Panchayati Raj System. We have successfully empowered the people at the Panchayat level to carry out the planning and implementation process of the basic infrastructure facilities like Bijli, Sadal and Pani in the rural area. The primary objective of our party is to ensure a sustainable development mechanism with the support and participation of people. I hope the Legal Front will contribute to this process in achieving our goal.5 The lawyers are the torch-bearers of society and they can contribute to social development by ensuring access to justice for the poor and the marginalized. I have no doubt that all of you under the banner of the BJD Legal Front will continue to work for strengthening the justice delivery system. Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das was an epitome of Odia Swabhiman. I seek your support and cooperation taking the state in the ideals of Madhu Babu and Biju Babu. Let us join hands together to fight for Odia Swabhiman .

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