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Chief Justice releases Book of Selected Speeches by Governor Dr. S.C. Jamir

Chief Justice releases Book of Selected Speeches by Governor Dr. S.C. Jamir

Man is made great by his character, attitude, devotion and commitment – Chief Justice

Bhubaneswar 01.01.2016 (By Biswaranjan Mishra)-Chief Justice of High Court of Orissa Shri Justice Vineet Saran released a book, collection of selected speeches of Governor Dr. S.C. Jamir at Raj Bhavan today in the presence of a distinguished gathering of intellectuals, writers, academicians and eminent personalities from art, literature and culture.Addressing the occasion Chief Justice said character, attitude, devotion and commitment rather than place and position makes a man made great and Dr. Jamir with his vast knowledge and long experience of serving in many distinguished positions from Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Ministers late Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri, Minister at the Centre, Chief Minister of Nagaland for four times and Governor of four states including Odisha belongs to few statesmen in the country who are respected and admired most. He further added that Dr. Jamir, in all his capacities has emphasized on pragmatic approach to solve problems. Chief Justice further said Odisha would definitely be benefitted from his experience, knowledge and leadership as Governor. He recollected his understanding and knowledge on Dr. Jamir as architect of modern Nagaland and added that his passion and commitment to see Nagaland achieves prosperity is awesome. He further said his concern and commitment for the development of the country, strengthening its democratic edifice and restoring moral values in public life makes him a leader to whom the young generation would love to emulate. He hoped the speeches of Dr. Jamir would get appreciation of readers and ignite young and thinking minds with his dream and his message.

Speaking on the occasion Governor Dr. Jamir said he is proud to be Governor of Odisha and to further the lineage of illustrious Governors. Stating that his primary concern as governor is always for the greatest good of all the people and of the state he said his first consideration is to be true to his own convictions and own conscience and admitted that he always searched his conscience with special diligence to determine the right thing for him to do. Recollecting his long journey from being first M.P. from Nagaland to Governor of Odisha he said Robert Frost’s words, ‘miles to go before  I sleep’ are his inspiration and motivation to continue and render service to the country. Expressing concern over degeneration of moral values in public and political life and value of spirit of service to the nation becoming extinct Governor exhorted on the need to overhaul the system with dedicated and exemplary leadership. On good governance he exhorted it ought to be ought the most basic philosophy with the concerns for rule of law and justice being the most important parameters for stability, growth and progress. He said his fervent desire is to make Odisha progressive and developed. He concluded quoting stanza from Rabindranath Tagore’s Geetanjali and said, “If his book helps in lifting the morale and spirit of readers to script a bright future for the state and the country  I would feel that my endeavours have been amply rewarded.”

Former Foreign Secretary of India Shri Lalit Mansingh described Governor Dr. Jamir as wise, erudite and committed and he singled out dedication to duty, compassion to tribals and disadvantaged sections, understanding globalization, complete identification with people of Odisha as his special attributes. As Chancellor Dr. Jamir is very keen to make universities as centre of teaching, research and faculty development, he said. He further said his speeches are optimistic and inspirational and readers will find the book very useful.

Renowned Poet Dr. Rajendra Kishore Panda said the book is multi-dimensional and about insightful observations of Governor Dr. Jamir that are truthful, practical and having foresight. His promotion of scientific temper in youth for development is exceptional. He quoted speeches of Dr. Jamir on journalism, higher education and tribal development. On this occasion First Lady of the state Mrs. Alemla Jamir and Principal Secretary to Governor Shri C.J. Venugopal were also present. Personal Secretary to Governor Shri Pradeep Kumar Rath gave the welcome address and Sangram Deobhanj, PRO to Governor proposed vote of thanks.

The book containing selected important speeches of the Governor has been segregated into ten sections, namely, contours of higher education, national and international themes, religion and philosophy, literature and culture, ecology and tribal development, youth, children and women issues, development of public administration, health and research, role of media and finally great statesmen. These speeches reflect the Governor’s deep understanding and appreciation of the subjects and his vision of where he wants to see Odisha and India to be in these sectors. The book has been published by Raj Bhavan, Bhubaneswar

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