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‘Two Birds, One Stone’ is a story that reflects upon Love, Family, Culture & Society

‘Two Birds, One Stone’ is a story that reflects upon Love, Family, Culture & Society

i2016112602GOA .26.11.2016: Interacting with the media at IFFI, Goa today, Fejria Deliba, Director of ‘Two Birds, One Stone – Our Mother’, said that the movie is a simple love story of a Mother and her children, in a particular socio-political milieu. The film attempts to break stereotypes about women while emphasizing upon her identity beyond being a ‘Mother’.The film is about a 70-year- old traditional and illiterate Algerian mother, Zayane Millia, who decides to venture outside of her neighbourhood for the first time in her life. This sets events in motion that will bring her children together for the first time in more than ten years at their mother’s home.This is the first feature film from Ms. Deliba, and it uses drama and humour to challenge traditional narratives about French-Arab culture. The Director emphasized that silence is an essential part of her film which talks about people, life and communication. Cultural shock and family histories are interwoven with ever-present memories of the war in Algeria. Further, she added that she and her team are happy and honoured to be at IFFI 2016.Farida Ounchi, actress of the film, also shared her experience while the making of the film and said while watching the film, you have to make silence inside your mind to understand the characters. She noted that in the present scenario in the French society, nobody would imagine a film like this in which a woman is shown to have a life beyond being just a mother. It’s a first ever attempt to tell the story of woman from Algerian Point of view. This film also tells about difficulties in communication among family members due to generation gaps and ultimately how the family overcomes the barriers to become one again, she added.Farid Bouzenad, actor of the film, told the media that it was a great experience to be a part of the film. This film depicts today’s French society. It is a story of love and family and can be shared with others.Ms. Deliba, is a French actress and filmmaker of Algerian origin. As an actress, Ms Deliba has done a variety of theatre and cinema since the mid-1980s. After acting in films, plays and TV shows, she made her first feature, Two Birds, One Stone. She told media that having worked on screen as actress, it inspired her to work as director behind the camera.


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