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BIMTECH Bhubaneswar Organises Seminar on Relevance of Constitution

BIMTECH Bhubaneswar Organises Seminar on Relevance of Constitution

Bhubaneswar, 26 November 2016 :BIMTECH Bhubaneswar and Birla Global University organised a seminar on the relevance of Indian Constitution to celebrate the Constitution Day. Prof Kamala Kanta Dash of National Law University Odisha (NLUO) was invited as the Guest Speaker and Resource Person for the interactive seminar cum workshop with students.Prof Somnath Dutta introduced the guest and set the tone for interaction. Ms. Parnasha Paul of First year PGDM welcomed Prof Dash with a bouquet. Prof Dash started his session by narrating the challenges the framers of the constitution faced during the three year period of drafting the monumental document. He highlighted how the framers discussed the socio-political and economic issues threadbare during these months.Students were asked to be in the shoes of the members of the Constituent Assembly for sometime and asked on what best they would have suggested to deal with the then problems of India like illiteracy, inequality, poverty, caste and communalism.In the next segment, the Preamble was read and discussed. The Fundamental Rights were discussed in relation to business and entrepreneurship and at last the Ten Fundamental Duties were read to understand and reflect upon the role of citizens in nation building.Prime Minister Modi’s definition of Constitution as the HOPE was discussed and analysed where H stands for Harmony, O stands for Opportunity, P stands for People Participation and E stands for Equality. Students immediately identified that O for Opportunity is relevant for business and entrepreneurship. Then then discussion was geared towards whether Opportunity can exist and really create business opportunities in theabsence of H (harmony), P (people partcipation) and E (equality) in society. In between Prof Dash also showed two videos to highlight the importance of the Constitution Day and recommended students to watch the Samvidhaan Series of Rajya Sabha to know more about the process of Constitution making.Prof Dutta in his vote of thanks expressed gratitude to the Director, the speaker and the students for a great learning session and hoped to continue the discussion on constitution.In an earlier event Mr. Umesh Hota President HR of Hindalco & Prof KK Sinha of BIMTECH Noida joined the Director, faculty, students and staff of the entire university in the Mass Reading of the Preamble of the Indian constitution as a part of the activities to commemorate the Constitution Day.

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