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RSS will propagate the philosophy of integral humanism in Odisha

RSS will propagate the philosophy of integral humanism in Odisha  on the centenary year of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay

press-meet-for-rss-photo-1Bhubaneswar,1/11: (By Sanjit Kumar Mohanty) –Today, the growing economic disparities in the world, environmental  imbalance and terrorism have been posing severe challenge to the humanity. The problems of  unemployment, poverty, mal-nutrition, along with the growing economic crises in various  countries and the hold of multinational companies of few countries over more than two thirds of  the global output etc. are grievously worrisome today across the world, due to pursuing unrestrained capitalism and communist ideology of class struggle. All these can be eradicated only by pursuing the philosophy of Integral Humanism advocated by Pandit Deendayal Ji Upadhyay. On completion of 51 years of Integral Humanism of Pandit Deendayal Ji Upadhyay and celebration of his birth centenary, it has been proposed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari  Mandal of RSS in its three days meet held from October 23rd 2016 at Hyderabad to celebrate his birth centenary all over the country . It will also be celebrated in all districts of Odisha, as  expressed by Pranta Sangha Chalak Samir kumar Mohanty.The meeting started with condolence prayer for late Barendra Krushna Dhal, Dinnath Pathy, Govinda tej and such other departed souls. Sri Mohanty has told that on account of indiscriminate exploitation of nature, the emerging challenges of natural calamities due to rising temperature, continuous rise in sea level,growing air-water- soil pollution, water crisis, degradation of fertile soil and and danger to the existenne of wild life, the terrorism inspired by religious fanaticism and extremist political ideologies are causing a lot of damages to the society. Sustained development with peaceful co-existence can only be ensured by eliminating undue competition and conflicts inter se the individuals, communities and nations.Sri Mohanty further told that the ABKM of RSS strongly condemns the continuing violence of CPI(M) against RSS and other opponents in Kerala. The Leftists, and afterwards particularly the CPI(M), unnerved by the RSS mission of inculcating patriotic feeling and the spirit of unity and oneness among the people of the state, as also its ever growing popularity and influence among the people, have been busily engaged in a vain attempt to finish off the RSS by organising unprovoked attacks against Sangh Shakhas and workers. And over the last seven decades, more than 250 young, energetic and promising Sangh workers were murdered and scores of men & women incapacitated due to serious injuries in the most dreaded manner by theCPI(M) cadres all over the state . The maximum number of these victimised RSS workers, are from Kannur district, supposed to be the CPI(M) citadel. What irks the CPI(M) the most is the unending flow of their cadres towards the Sangh fold, attracted by its nationalistic philosophy, clean image and its work, based on pure love and affection.Recently, C.K. Ramachandran, a BMS worker, was gruesomely murdered in his home on July 11, 2016, in front of his wife, paying no heed to her repeated pleas to show mercy to him. Once again they hacked to death K. Ramith in broad daylight on October 12, 2016, in front of his house, while he was rushing out of his house to buy medicine for his pregnant sister. Ramith, the sole bread earner of his family was the only son of his father, Uthaman, a bus driver, who was  also murdered 14 years ago by the CPI(M) goons, while on duty, in his bus. The violence in  which CPI(M) indulges is not only against Sangh workers active in different fields, but also others, including the CPI, their parent organisation and present alliance partners like RSP, Janata  Dal etc. in Kerala. They even do not spare their own cadres who leave the organisation, as is  evident from the brutal killing of T.P. Chandrashekharan, on May 4, 2012.It is a sheer irony that  victims of the Marxist violence are mainly from the poor, backward, dalit and minority  community of whom they claim to be saviours. They have not even spared women and children.Whenever the CPI(M) led LDF comes to power in Kerala, the party invariably handles the Home portfolio and the violence mounts day by day.The ABKM calls upon the Government of Kerala as well as the Union Government to take appropriate action urgently against the perpetrators of violence and also appeals to the people at large including media to create public  opinion in Odisha and in the country against the violent tactics of CPI(M) by raising their voice in various fora. RSS Pranta Prachar Pramukh Rabi Narayan Panda and Bibhag Sanghachalak Baikuntha nath Sahu were also present in the press confernce.

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