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Sambalpur Tazia -Action speaks louder than Words : Khabardar Pakistan

Sambalpur Tazia -Action speaks louder than Words : Khabardar Pakistan

taziaSambalpur, 12 October 2016 – The Tazia procession of Sambalpur town took a  different look today with display of ‘Surgical Strike’ against Pakistan and  youth waging the National Flag. And the writing on the Tableau  –‘Actions  speaks louder than Words,’ was what written on the tableau of the Tazia  procession that attracted the crowd.  This apart, the Photographs of the all the Matryers who were killed by the  Pakistani terrorists were also displayed and people were seen paying rich  tribute to them. This is what the procession of Tazia on the eve of  Muharrum attracted public this year in the streets of Sambalpur. The  procession also made the attempt to warn Pakistan with display –Khabardar  Pakistan.  After terrorist attack in Uri in J&K, the whole nation got united against  Pakistan and even people urged upon the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to  attack Pakistan and teach the terrorist nation a lesson. Pressure also  mounted on Government from rest other fronts.  And if not a war, the  government at centre, in retaliation, carried out a mid-night surgical  strike that made every Indian to feel proud and took it as the real revenge against this ‘forever- enemy- country’.  Many also attributed it as a  tribute to our martyrs of Uri.  And the Tazia procession of Sambalpur on the day of Muhurrum very clearly  displayed the same in the street to show its solidarity with the government and also pay rich tributes to the 18 martyrs including one from Odisha.“Not only surgical strike, Pakistan needs to be dealt with more high  handedly so that it will think twice before making any such nuisance in  India. No citizen of the country will tolerate such inhuman and cowardice  behaviour of Pakistan, the nation promoting terrorists,” said Atif Alam, a  participant in the procession.  “In no case we support terrorists and the hidden support of Pakistan to  them. Hence, through the procession, we condemn such brutal activity of a nation who is our neighbour and at one point of time was with us,” commented Asaf Ali Khan, another senior member of the Muslim community. “We  are proud to be Indians,” Asaf reiterated. This is also the day that coincides with the Bhasani Sobhayatra  (procession) of Maa Durga Puja all over the country including that of  Sambalpur. But people here were seen with high sense of respect to each  other during the procession. Interestingly, a Hindu family of the town has  been organizing Tazia procession since decades as mark of respect to other  religion.

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