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Bidya Dhar Mishra Memorial Inaugural Lecture at Utkal University

Bidya Dhar Mishra Memorial Inaugural Lecture at Utkal Universityimg_6182

Bhubaneswar 08.10.2016 ( By Sanjit Kumar Mohanty) :-Well-known economist Prof. Prasanta Pattnaik of University of California, delivered the inaugural lecture “Measurement of Multidimensional Deprivation” in the Bidyadhar Mishra Memorial Lecture Series organized today by the Alumni Association of Analytical and Applied Economics, Utkal University. The lecture series started in the honor of Prof Bidyadhar Mishra, founder professor of the Department of Analytical and Applied Economics at Utkal University and former Head of the Department, is an initiative of the Alumni Association of the Department.The inaugural lecture of the series focused on defining and measuring different tenets of economic, social and cultural deprivation of the majority of the populace and some critical methodological fallacies while undertaking such tasks. In measuring poverty or deprivation in a society, an individual’s deprivation has been traditionally conceived as a shortfall from a certain specified minimum level of income. Therefore, the popular practice of measuring deprivation is not comprehensive and lacks in its approach towards conceptualizing the same. Fortunately, economists, in recent years, are increasingly thinking of an individual’s deprivation in terms of multiple “real” dimensions, including nutrition, health, education, and so on, rather than just income. Prof. Prasanta Pattanaik, one of the pioneers of the alternative methods of measuring such deprivation focused on the need for accounting a society’s overall deprivation or living standard as a resultant of the comprehensive standards of living experienced by each and every individual members of the society. This important and very valuable approach to the phenomenon of deprivation also has some challenges. The lecture discussed certain conceptual issues in this context. In particular, it discusses some difficulties involved in what has been called the “counting approach” to the measurement of multi-dimensional deprivation (the counting approach has been developed in recent years and is becoming increasingly popular among policy makers).Prof. Prasanta Pattanaik was also conferred ‘Honoris Causa’ in Social Sciences by Utkal University for his contributions to the theory and applications of Economics by the Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof Asoka K. Das at 1100 hours on 8th October 2016 in the Gallery of Department of Computer Science and Application.The Event ended with vote of thanks by Dr. Mitali Chinara, Secretary of the Alumni Association, Analytical and Applied Economics, Utkal University.img_6179 img_6187

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