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Media interaction by Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR),

Media interaction  by Center for Advocacy and Research (CFAR),

Bhubaneswar 26.08.2016.005Bhubaneswar,26.08.2016 (By Biswaranjan Mishra)-Media interaction was organized by Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR), with the support ofAzim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives (APPI) on the designing and shaping community led SingleWindow to enhance the extent and quality of access of marginalized Women to key welfare schemes,Program and Entitlements.In the media interaction representative s of leading media were presentand participated in the discussionlike-Sephali Suman- Journalist, The pioneer, P.C Sahoo-Journalist, The Kalinga Mail,RC Behera,Journalist, Mahanagar Express R.N Sahoo, Reporter, Ajikali, S.Mohanty, Special Correspondence, The Telegraph, Biswaranjan Mishra, Photo Journalist, The Pioneer,Niren Som, Reporter, Pratidin, C. RBehera, Reporter, Prajatantra, Dhiren Behera, Reporter, Today (Electronic media), Adarsha Rout,Reporter, Today(Electronic media), Sovan Biswal, Reporter, Odisha Bhaskar, Manoranjan Mishra,Journalist, Dharitree,Deepak Mohapatra, Reporter, Pragativadi, Haraprasad Das, Senior Reporter,Pragativadi, Papu Mohanty, Editor, SAMAYA, R C Mohanty, Reporter, Sanman, Ramakanta Mohanand,Reporter, Samaja, Ashok Kumar Kanungo, Special Correspondent, The Mirror, Dusmant Kumar Behera,reporter, Dharitree, Monalisa Patsani, Reporter, Odisha Post, Bikram Mohanty, Reporter, Sambad Kalika The program was started with the welcome address by Mamata Singh, CFAR and Samir Ranjan Dash,CFAR has explained the objective of media interaction.The framework of Single window was shared by Rajalaxmi, CFAR. She said, “Single Window will be working as a platform for bringing the marginalized community and the departments together at oneplace. She also shared that the new Single Window office at Plot no-158, Saubhagyanagar, Bhubaneswar will most likely be inaugurated by the District Collector of Khordha in end of this month.”Community members from the settlements shared the recommendations on strengthening access to social schemes and in this context, Ms. Hajara Begum from Ganganagar Hostel Side said -“We will work with the departments through the Single Window to address different issues related to accessing the social schemes. We strongly feel that now we need not have to go to different offices repeatedly nor discontinue our work. We will save our time and this also saves us from falling unto the hands of middlemen (Dalals).”Ms. Puja Gochhatay from Harijan Sahi, said “We have been struggling to get Aadhar and have been waiting for long time. At times we were denied by the officials and most of the time we ended upstanding in line at the Aadhar camps. If Aadhar camps are organized at the Single Window we feel dignified, respected and recognized.”Media Response Congratulating CFAR and community members for the idea of setting up of Single Window, Mr. Niren Som, from Pratidin said –“I appreciate the efforts of CFAR for initiating this project with the support of APPI. Due to lack of awareness these people are facing so many problems like accessing health services which is veryimportant for them. These communities should be aware of schemes like health, education, livelihood and  many other Government schemes There is no doubt that the Government is planning many schemes forthe welfare of these people but the question is whether they are reaching the people or not. So the concept of Single Window will be very supportive in the present context. Single window is a platform  where the urban poor communities like these women will get access to different schemes. They will be free from political influence and even free from exploitation by the middlemen. I request the Single Window staff to create much more awareness amongst the community to fight against domestic violenceand other legal aspects. We are always there to support the Single Window and its cause. We will definitely highlight the achievements and success of the Single Window. Mr. Papu Mohanty from Samay –“I personally appreciate the Single Window concept initiated by CFAR with the support of APPI which is an easy process for availing and accessing the schemes meant for these marginalized communities. Wewill definitely help to elevate this Single Window and its activities and extend our support and cooperation wherever and whenever needed.”Mr. Suvam Biswal from Odisha Bhaskar –“We are amused and at the same time I say that this idea of initiating a Single Window for the welfare of these communities is very new to Bhubaneswar. I say it is indeed a great job and great efforts put in by CFAR and APPI. My suggestion is to spread the activities through Single Window to more slums of Bhubaneswar rather than restricting to seven settlements. We will support in highlighting its activities and achievements.” Mr. Dushmant Kumar Behera from Dharitree –“It is indeed a wonderful concept. I personally suggest for creating a WhatsApp group and Face Book group of media for updating the activities of PRAYAS Single Window Office so that there would be a wider range of network amongst the community, Government Departments and the Single Window,which allows to share each and every info on the activities and it would be of great help to get the timely updates and it also develops accountability.” Ms. Monalisa Patsani from Odisha Post –“I congratulate the CFAR Single Window for taking forward such a wonderful initiative to address the concerns of these marginalized people. We are always ready for highlighting their efforts in the media.” The interaction was concluded with vote of thanks by CFAR team.

Bhubaneswar 26.08.2016.006

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