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Police stopped cockfights

 Police stopped cockfights


Jajpur .21.08.2016 (By Akshya Rout)-Police have stopped cockfights at many places in the tribal dominated villages under Sukinda block recently .“ As  the Supreme Court has imposed a ban on organising cockfights,  we are determined to stop cockfights.  We have already stopped cockfights at ten places. Banners against cockfights have been put up at many places urging  locals not to organize cockfights.  We will arrest the persons  who  prepare  knives for cockfights.  Cases will be booked against those accused under the Gaming Act, , Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1986 and other relevant Sections. We request villagers to celebrate the festival with joy and fervour and not to conduct banned games such as gambling  and ‘ cockfights.  Police are keeping a strict vigil on those who tame and train fowls . ”  said the IIC of Kalinganagar police station, Rajiv Lochan Panda. “The Supreme Court two years back  banned cockfights  and ordered to  the Animal Wildlife Board of India (AWBI)  and state governments to protect the “five freedoms” of animals: freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury and disease; freedom from fear and distress and freedom to express normal behavior. It also orders that both “take steps to prevent the infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering on the animals” and directs the AWBI to make sure that those who are caring for animals not participate in the encouragement of fighting against other animals or human beings”, said Dr suesh chandra dalai a social worker of jajpur

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