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Memorandum of Samajbadi Party to Governor of Odisha

mahanadi o ibb nadire chatishgarh sarakaranak barrej nirman banda dabire samajabadi party pakhyaru rajbhavan samukhare kranti dibas re anasana   05

Bhubanewar 09.08.2016 (By Mano Mani Singh)– Samajbadi Party of Odisha  made demonstration on 9 th August kranta divas as before Rajbhawan Odisha and given a memorandum on Mahanadi river dispute to Governor. Samajwadi Party Odisha State Committee demanded that Whether it is UPA or NDA Govt. at the Centre, the interest of Odisha is always being undermined. Whether it is granting of SpecialCategory State Status to Odisha or Polavarm Project, the Central Govt.both UPA & NDA has gone against Odisha’s interest. The Mahanadi and IB river water dispute issue with Chhatisgarh are such examples where theCentral Govt. & Central Water Commission have ignored our interest and granted environmental clearance to the projects over Mahanadi River System in favour of Chhatisgarh and the CWC also ignored the Inter-State Water Sharing Dispute Act 1956 to give clearance to Chhatisgarh Govt. without intimating Odisha Govt. Chhatishgarh is constructing several barrages, dams,check dams and reservoirs on the upper catchment area of Mahanadi and IB river which will affect water flow to Hirakud Reservoir during the non-monsoon season. This will affect agricultural production, power generation and drinking water on the command area of Mahanadi and IB. The Inter – State Water sharing agreement 1983 between thethen Madhya Pradesh and OdishaGovt. for the formation of Joint Action Group to share Mahanadi Water is ignored. It can be mentioned here that in Post-Independent India, Hirakud Project was the 1 st multipurpose National Project of the Country which isnow at peril and may be dried out due to the action of Chhatisgarh Govt. and the state of Odisha may turn into a desert. Sir, Mahanadi spreads over 473sq Km. in Odisha State and provides irrigation facility to 2 lakh 67 thousand hectares of agriculture land in 17 districts like Baragada, Jharsuguda, Sambalpur,  Sundargarh, Sonepure, Bolangir, Boudh, Angul, Nayagarh, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur , Kendrapara Jajpur, Puri and Khordha. Chhatisgarh Govt. is constructing 18 big projects, 8 medium projects and 6 barrages on the up-streams of Mahanadi. More particularly, the Arpa-Bhaisajhar Project, Tandula Reservoir, Salka and Bilaspur Project and Ambaguda Diversion project,Basantpur Barrage &; Ichhapur projects are going to directly affect the Hirakud Reservoir. It will reduce water flow to Mahanadi which will affect the life and livelihood of 2 crores people directly and 65% of our population indirectly. Govt. of Odisha has already moved to the CWC on this matter and Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha has written to your kind self to intervene in the matter. Similarly, IB river caters to the need of two districts of Sundargarh and Jharsuguda and barrage across IB will affect the life and livelihood of the people of these two districts. But you are still silent on the issue. Under the circumstances, we request you to direct Chhatishagarh Govt to stop construction of barrages, check dams and reservoirs on the up-streans of Mahanadi and IB River. We also request you to invite the Chief Ministers of Odisha and Chhatishagarh to resolve the water dispute ofMahanadi and IB River peacefully through discussion

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