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Keonjhar 30th July 2016: The uncontrolled spread of the deadly Dengue  epidemic in the entire district and the failure of the administration in tackling the situation were highlighted by BJP leader Murali Manohar Sharma today. Speaking at a press meet, Sharma said that the gross  negligence of the authorities has resulted in the reported death of five persons, even though there are many more deaths which have gone  unreported.Sharma said that the district being one of the highest gross revenue  earners of the state does not have even proper medical facilities for its  inhabitants. In spite of the presence of big corporates, mines owners, plant owners and entrepreneurs who have huge CSR budgets, the plight of the poor in the district remains dismal. The recent Dengue epidemic  is but an example of the apathy of the administration towards this  district. The meeting was presided by the BJP District President Radha Mahanto, Vice President Dhiren Panda, Anil Dhir and Swadhin  Satapathy. He demanded that a state-of- the–art hospital should be set up in Barbil with the funding from the District Mining Fund. Meanwhile the  hospital should be equipped with a Plasma Infusion Facility. The District  headquarter Hospital at Keonjhar has the facility, but it is lying defunct  ever since it was installed. The Barbil Municipality does not even have a health inspector since the last 20 years, even though the post is  mandatory. There should be an immediate permanent appointment of two medicine Specialists at the Barbil Hospital. The CBC Machine was  installed only after pressure was put on the State. In fact the centre had  responded immediately after Murali Sharma had met the Health  Minister at Delhi. The death of Rasabati Sahu is a clear case of criminal neglect and  culpable homicide. She was admitted in a serious condition on the 20 th but she was discharged on the 22 nd even though her condition had not  improved. On the 24 th she suffered from respiratory distress and she  was brought to the hospital. As her condition worsened, and in spite of   the pleadings of her husband to shift her to Cuttack, she was instead  sent to Keonjhar at 1 a.m. The next day the Keonjhar doctors sent her  to Cuttack where she died in a few hours. The persons responsible for  her death should be booked and criminal proceeding initiated against  them. Sharma demanded a compensation of Rs 20 lacs for each of the  deceased. He also demanded the setting up of a 24-hour control room. Sharma said that the dengue victims, even after recovery suffers from  long term symptoms like weakness and debility for six months. The database for the discharged and affected persons should be made and  their health monitored for the next six months. As Dengue has a  tendency of recurrence in the following years, adequate monitoring and preventive measures should be take

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