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Encroachment of Railway Land

New Delhi,29.07.2016 (PIB)-As on 31.03.2016, out of 473052 hectares of land available with Indian Railways, approximately 52401 hectares of land is vacant. Zone-wise details of vacant Railway land are as under:


Railway Vacant Land

(in hectares)

Central 2681
Eastern 2247
East Central 4298
East Coast 2840
Northern 11991
North Central 787
North Eastern 5770
Northeast Frontier 1402
North Western 1278
Southern 2722
South Central 1364
South Eastern 470
Southeast Central 3331
South Western 4245
Western 5876
West Central 621
Production Units 478
Total 52401

            As on 31.03.2016, approximately 879.51 hectares of land (0.18%) is under encroachment illegally by various segments of society which also include unscrupulous elements. For these encroachments, Railways carry out regular surveys and take action for their removal.  If the encroachments are of a temporary nature (soft encroachment) in the shape of jhuggies, jhopries and squatters, the same got removed in consultation and with the assistance of Railway Protection Force and local civil authorities. For old encroachments, where party is not amenable to persuasion, action is taken under Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants)  Act,  1971  (PPE Act, 1971),  as amended  from  time  to  time.   Actual  eviction  of unauthorised occupants is carried out with the assistance of State Government and police.  Removal of encroachment is a continuous process, as a result of which, in last three years and current year (up to June, 2016), 94.28 hectares of encroached land has been retrieved.  Railways have also taken measures to protect railway land from encroachment which include licensing of land to railway employees for Grow More Food (GMF) Scheme, provision of boundary wall, fencing and tree plantations at vulnerable locations.This Press Release is based on information given by the   Minister of State for Railways Shri Rajen Gohain in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha on 29.07.2016 (Friday).


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