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Giving another jolt to the FD Gudguda Gram Sabha too dismissed its VSS using FRA.

Tilitlagarh Balangir ,28.07.2016 (By Mano Mani Singh)-Giving another jolt to the Forest Department and taking a historic step, in a special Gram Sabha organised using Forest Right Act, 2006 on 25th July 2016 at 5.30 pm at the venue (Primary School), the Gudguda Gram Sabha has dissolved its VSS formed in 1998.The Gram Sabha was presided over by the senior most member of the Gram Sabha, Gokul Majhi son of Gahdu Majhi. The village Gudguda comes under Ward No. 1 of the Sagadaghat Gram Panchayat.  Besides members of the Gram Sabha, Mrs. Chaka Majghi(Ward Member), Dama Majhi (FRC President), Dhruba Chandra Majhi,(FRC President) and  Bhagban Majhi (VSS President) were present in the meeting. There are 3 hamlets in the village i.e Bandha Pada, Gautiya Pada and Bhirkha pada and three communities i.e ST(kandha),SC and Gauda live in the village. As per the Census 2011, there are 115 households in the village having 407(200 male and 207 female). However according to Aganwadi did currently there is 498 population in the village. The revenue village Gudguda is surrounded Sikar Bit of Barani reserve forest from its three sides i.e East, North and South and revenue village Pipilibandh in the South West. After Barnini reserve forest the village surrounded by revenue village Banjijhal in the East, Pipalibandh in the West, Ganelmadi in the North and G. P headquarters. Village Sagadaghat in the South. Besides, Badmal Defence Factory falls in the East, and revenue village Dumdami falls in the South West.After the dismissal of the VSS, the Gudguda Gram Sabha also have formed a 20 members Forest Protection and Management Committee(FP&MC) as per Section 3(1)(i) and Section 5 of FRA, 2006 and Section 4(1)(e) of Forest Rights Rules, 2007.  In the FP&MC, they have re-elected all the 15 FRC members as members of FP&MC and also have elected five more new members including the previous VSS president(Bhagban Majhi) with due representations of the 3 hamlets and three communities i.e Gauda, ST(kandha) and SC etc. Like Gulmi and Satbohani Gram Sabha, the Gudguda Gram Sabha has also sent the copy of its  Resolution (dissolving VSS and formation of FP&MC) to the concern district and State level government official i.e. Chief Secretary, Govt. of Odisha, Secretary, SC &ST Welfare Dept. and Forest and Environment, Govt. of Odisha marking a copy to the Chairman, FRA District Level Committee(DLC), FRA Sub-Divisional level Committee(SDLC), BolangirDFO, Forest Ranger, Titlagarh etc. for their necessary information and action.


CFR Area

As per the Record of Rights(RoR) of the village, there are in total 164.24 acres of community land recorded as government land available in the village including 81.56 acres of forest land extended in 4 khatas and 78 plots. However, the village is surrounded by Barani Reserve forest from its three sides(East, North and South. Thus the Community Forest Resources (CFR) area would be approximately 4000 acres over which they have claimed filing “B” and “C” form at Titlagarh Sub-Division.  Besides, around 19 Individual forest rights claims(17 of ST and 2 of SDC)  have been filed in the village but no one has got IFR title till date.  The senior most member of the Satbohani Gram Sabha, Sri Gopal Majihi presiding over the special Gram sabha meeting said, “Our village Gudguda was settled before 200 years and was got the status of revenue village before 150 years and in between two major settlements have been done by the Govt.Sharing his past experience as President Satbohani VSS for last so many years, Bhagban Majhi says, “We were ignorant of our rights and taking this advantage the Forest Department people had formed VSS in our village. Not only that they have appointed me as forest gaud in the last year. But if required I shall leave my job in the interest of our CFR area and Gram Sabha.”The FRC president Dama Majhi said, “over the years the Forest Department people have cheated us, and not only that in 2006, the forest Department evicting the community people from their occupied forest land, they have done teak plantation in 50 hectares of forest land”In between, encouraged with the historic steps taken by the villagers of Gulmi, Satbohani and Gudguda in the Titlagarh Block in Bolgangir district, the frontier tribal outfit Adibasi Kalyan Sangh(AKS), Bolangir in a press release yesterday declared that “it is just the beginning, in the coming days all the VSS formed in the villages will be dissolved by the tribals in the district and FP&MC will be formed under FRA in every village to protect and manage their forest.” CSD, Odisha has welcomed the statement released by AKS, Bolangir and said “In the crucial phage when the NDA Govt. have passed the anti-FRA CAMPA Fund Bill, 2016 in the Parliament despite resistance from all fronts, the only way left with the community people is to fight the empowered forest Department in the ground using FRA.” “In the coming days, together with the AKS, Bolangir, we will mobilise the community to wipe out the VSS from the district using FRA, 2006.” CSD further said.

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