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Odisha Government Playing with the Lives of the Dengue Affected. Children

Bhubaneswar 23.07.2016 (By Mano Mani Singh)-Odisha Government Playing with the Lives of the Dengue Affected.  Children do not get Paracetamol Syrup, patients denied ORS. Demand for Control Room and CBC Equipment at Barbil. New Delhi: Dengue had reached an epidemic scale in Odisha. Each day there are reports of from different parts of the State  about the occurrence of the disease in other districts. The State  administration has failed to check and control the spread of the  disease. The SCB Medical College at Cuttack has confirmed the  occurrence of Dengue in the districts of Keonjhar, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Sundargarh, Kendrapada, Jajpur, Balasore, Mayurbhanj, Puri, Jagatsinghpur, Nawarangpur, Nuapada and Nayagarh. More than 1900 people have already been affected, with 7 reported deaths. There have been 55 positive cases  detected in Ganjam, the constituency of the State’s Chief One third of all the samples sent to the SCB Medical College are tested positive for Dengue. On Wednesday, 55 new cases were detected. There is a phenomenal increase of 50-60 patients  each day. Three women have already died. The utter failure of the Government’s Health department in the  management of the epidemic is evident. How much more the  spread will happen, due to the callous and inept handling of the situation will be seen in the days to come. We had earlier submitted a detailed report of the grave situation to the  Hon’ble Health Minister Shri J.P.Nadda and had asked for the  intervention of the Centre in the matter. A team had been sent, but the situation is worsening day by day.  The first cases of Dengue were detected in Barbil in the mineral  rich area of Keonjhar. There has been a steep rise in the cases  in the area. To cover up their inept handling and lack of  infrastructure, the government hospitals are refusing admission  on to patients and asking them to take medications while  remaining at the homes. On the other hand, the inpatients in   the district hospitals, instead of being kept for screening and  observation, are being asked to go home. In Barbil, where more  than 930 cases have been detected, only 200 patients have  been hospitalised. To cover up the shortfalls, orders have been  issued from the higher ups for a massive cover up. Instead of  taking immediate measures to provide relief and succor, the  government is in a damage control mode.  Hospitalised patients are being tested for Dengue only after five  days of continuous fever. The Barbil Municipality has arranged  50 temporary beds in the hospital and has also given a proposal  for converting the local Kalyan Mandap into a Dengue Ward. In  spite of repeated demands from the local populace, no steps  The Government has utterly failed in managing the epidemic. While there is no letup in the Dengue cases in Barbil, the  government is still to open a control room in Barbil. From 26 th  June, when the first case was detected, the figure now stands  at 930. Many of the daily wagers, due to sheer lack of  awareness, do not even come to the hospital for treatment and  suffer. There has been many such causality in the area, which. When positive cases are detected, some patients are being  informed by Cell phones, in cases where the patients do not  have contact numbers; they are not informed at all. The delay  in informing to test status of the reports results in the patients  becoming severe and critical.  There is an acute shortage of Paracetamol Syrup for the child  patients who come to the hospitals. The patients are not even  given the basic ORS fluids. The lackadaisical attitude of the  government is pushing the poor patients to despair and death.Blood screening facilities in the most affected areas have not  been set up till date. The two facilities for blood screening too  function intermittently, they are short staffed and the equipment breaks down often. Often wrong reports are  generated. While the platelets count of patients tested at Barbil was 11,000, the same patient was tested with a platelet of  count of more than 1 lac when the blood was tested at Cuttack. Hence there should be a state of the art testing CBC facility in  Barbil. Four persons have died in Barbil itself, with many more  unreported cases in the outlying areas.  The Government should take immediate pro-active action in  this regard and take immediate steps for tackle the menacing  situation. A Complete Blood Count Machine should be  immediately installed at Barbil.


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