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Senior Clark Convicted in Vigilance case

Cuttack, 20.07.2016 (By Tapas Mahapatra) –On 19.07.2016 Hon’ble Special Judge, Vigilance,  Sambalpur convicted Sri Birendra Kumar Sabat, the then Senior Clerk, O/o the Special Treasury, Panposh, Rourkela, Dist.Sundergarh u/s 13(2) r/w 13(1)(d)/7 P.C Act, 1988 for demand and acceptance of illegal gratification of Rs.500/-. The Hon’ble Court  sentenced Sri Birendra Kumar Sabat to undergo Rigorous Imprisonment  for one year and to pay a fine of Rs.1,000/- in default of payment of fine to further undergo Rigorous Imprisonment for fifteen days on each count.It relates to Sambalpur Vigilance P.S case No.9 dt.20.02.2004 u/s 13(2) r/w 13(1)(d) / 7 P.C.Act 1988. The complainant Josheph Kido, Headmaster, Govt. Primary School, Jhunmur, Dist.Sundargarh reported in written before S.P, Vigilance, Sambalpur Division alleging therein that he has requested to accuse Sri Birendra Kumar Sabat, Sr.Clerk to pass GPF part final bill for Rs.80,000/-.  Accused Sri Sabat demanded Rs.500/- for the above purpose.  Sri Sabat, Sr.Clerk was caught red handed by the Vigilance officer while demanding and accepting bribe Rs.500/- from the complainant Josheph Kido and he was arrested on 21.02.2004. The case was charge sheeted against him for facing trial in the court of law.Sri Trinath Patel, Ex-Inspector, Vigilance, Rourkela Unit was the I.O of the case &  Sri A.N.Mishra, Special P.P, Vigilance, Sambalpur conducted the case on behalf of prosecution. House search of Municipality Jamadar by Vigilance on Disproportionate Assets Angle

 Cuttack, 20.07.2016 (By Tapas Mahapatra) –Today i.e. on 20.07.2016 on the allegation of acquisition and possession of disproportionate assets by   Sri Laxman Charchi, Jamadar, Berhampur Municipal Corporation, Berhampur his (1) Residential house & rented house at Laxminagar, Berhampur (2) Parental house at Khalasahi, Ankuli, Berhampur, (3) Office room at Berhampur were simultaneously searched by the Officers of Vigilance, Berhampur Division on the strength of search warrant issued by the Court.  During search, so far the following movable and immovable assets with approximate cost mentioned against each are detected in possession of Sri Laxman Charchi in his name and in the name of his family members.


The total assets of Sri Laxman Charchi, Jamadar detected so far has been calculated to Rs.1,06,89,090/-.  Sri Laxman Charchi joined as Jamadar in Berhampur Municipal Corporation, Berhampur in the year 1993 & continuing as such

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