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Senior Clark in Vigilance net on graft case

Bhubaneswar 19.07.2016.011


  Cuttack ,19th July 2016 ( Report by Tapas Mahapatra)-Today i.e. on  19.07.2016  Sri Bijay Kumar Sahu, Senior Clerk, NAC, Rambha, Dist-Ganjam  has been caught by Vigilance Officers of  Berhampur Division for demanding and accepting bribe of Rs.3,000/- from the complainant  Smt. Suchitra Pradhan, Vill- Biswal Sahi, Rambha, Dist- Ganjam. In this connection Berhampur Vigilance P.S case   No. 39 dt.18.07.2016  u/s 7 P.C.Act has been registered.The complainant Smt. Suchitra Pradhan  alleged that  the ancestral landed property (Gharabari) which was recorded in the name of her father-in-law Kelu Pradhan was transferred in her name. She constructed an asbestos roofed house in that plot and applied the Executive Officer, NAC, Rambha for Holding Number, so that she would deposit required amount of fees. Accordingly, on 19.5.16, the Executive Officer, NAC, Rambha issued order for issuance of Holding Number after making through verification. Thereafter, Smt. Pradhan repeatedly approached the accused   Sri  Sahu, Sr.Clerk ,NAC, Rambha to issue necessary documents to this effect. But  Sri Sahu  demand Rs.3,000/- for the above purpose.  Thereafter Smt. Pradhan reported to Vigilance.   As per direction of S.P, Vigilance, Berhampur, a  trap was laid on 19.7.2016.   Accused Sri Bijay Kumar Sahu, Senior Clerk was caught red-handed inside the office of NAC, Rambha   by Vigilance  Officers of  Berhampur Division while demanding and accepting bribe  Rs.3,000/- from the complt.  Smt. Pradhan. The bribe money of Rs.3,000/- have been recovered from the possession of   Sri Sahu Senior Clerk  and  has been seized in presence of witnesses.   Hand wash of Sri Sahu gave  positive chemical reaction confirming  acceptance of bribe.The investigation of the case is in progress.

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