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Subhasish Das elected as General Secy of NPAI unanimously

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Bhubaneswar.13.07.2016 (By Mano Mani Singh)-The first general meeting of Naphthalene Producers Association of India(NPAI) was held at Calcutta on 8th July 2016. All Naphthalene producers across the country, present in the meeting had realized the need of acceleration process of naphthalene market in National and international arena. In this general meeting, Dr. Subhasish Das was elected as General secretary of NPAI unanimously.Dr. Subhasish Das, Group President, Hira Group and President, Himadri Chemicals and Industries Ltd. Said, “ India market has witnesses a severe mark-down in the prices of c over last one and half years. Auction prices for naphthalene from SAIL plants have come down from the level of Rs 80,000 – 100,000 / MT to Rs 30,000 – 35,000 / MT”.This markdown in prices is primarily due to cheap import of naphthalene in India market, primarily from countries like China and Russia. Such sharp reduction in prices has also made the customers very wary due to the extreme volatility around the product pricing. It seems that the exporting countries need to sell material in India at any price. The quantum of imports are increasing for both crude and refined naphthalene and prices are steadily decreasing.Dr. Das said, “Due to all this, the domestic distillation industry is suffering unprecedented losses. We have moved to the Government for a petition to review naphthalene prices and impose anti-dumping duty on dumped naphthalene”.Himadri Chemical and Industries is producing 70 percent of total Coal Tar pitch(both solid and liquid)  production of the country with specialist chemicals and carbon black. The company has chemical plants in six places in country with having modern art of multi Distillation Unit in Singur,West Bengal


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