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Protest of BJD at Raj Bhawan

Bhubaneswar 29.06.2016 (By Mano Mani Singh)- on 29th June BJD leaders stage d a demonstration in front of Raj Bhawan  Bubaneswar & given a memodendum to President of  Imdia : The draft memorandum as follows

The Hon’ble President of India Rastrapati Bhawan, New Delhi (Through Hon’ble Governor of Odisha)

Sub: Demonstration against the unilateral and unjust decision of the Central Government in respect of declared MSP of  Paddy for KMS-2016- 17.

Respected Sir,
Paddy is the main crop of Odisha. Due to hard work of its  farmers, Odisha has bagged four National Krishi Karman Awards in last  five years. Today Odisha is contributing handsome quantity of rice to the  
central pool to meet the needs of Public Distribution System in deficit  States. It is the third highest paddy procuring surplus State in the country   after Punjab and Chhatishgarh.  pesticides etc. the farmers in the State have been losing out in getting their due with respect of their produce. Most paddy farmers sell their surplus to  State Government agencies under Decentralised Procurement operations.  They get the minimum support price (MSP) fixed by Government of India  for their paddy from the Government agencies.  commensurate with the rising costs of inputs for paddy being incurred by  farmers. It does not even meet the inflationary cost which reduces the  value of money every year. The Govt. of Odisha had recommended to fix  MSP at Rs.2500 per quintal of paddy for the Kharif Marketing Season  201516. But Government of India fixed MSP for paddy at Rs.1410 per  quintal for common variety of paddy (announced in June’2015).  of India has fixed it at Rs.1470 per quintal for common variety of paddy  However, with rising cost of inputs like fertiliser, labour,  But the MSP for paddy fixed by Government of India is not  Similarly for Kharif Marketing Season 201617, the Government (announced in June 2016) despite State Government’s request for hiking it  to Rs 2500 per quintal in December last year.  back to fix the MSP of the crops as per formula proposed by noted  Agriculture Scientist Dr. M. S. Swaminathan. As per that formula, the MSP  
for a crop was to be fixed 50% above the cost incurred by farmers. Today,  our farmers are not even getting the cost of cultivation for paddy. We  request Government of India to keep their promise & implement the above  formula proposed by Dr. Swaminathan.  capitalists & influential people and the Modi Government is giving  importance to protect their interest. Without considering the basic  
problems of the farmers the NDA Government is neglecting the agriculture  sector and cut down the budgetary provision under this head. Due to  change of sharing pattern of Govt. of India schemes like Rastiya Krishi  Vikash Yojana, National Food Security Mission, National Mission on Oil  Seeds & Oil Palm, National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture and  National Mission on Agriculture Extension and Training from 100% to 60%, the State Government has to lose Rs.36,660.80 lakhs during the financial  year 2016-17.  The NDA had announced in their election manifesto two years  Now the NDA Government is totally under control of the  Due to scanty rain fall and erratic monsoon, Odisha has  experienced severe drought in respect of 404 Wards of 55 ULBs and  29044 villages of 233 blocks under 27 districts which constitute 33% crop  loss in 14.82 lakh hectares of agricultural land. To face the consequence  of the drought Govt. of Odisha has declared Rs.1000 crores drought  package from its own fund and postpone the agricultural loan recovery.  The Government of Odisha has demanded Rs.2344.99 crores from Central  Govt. for drought assistance. After a long gap the Central Govt. has  decided to give Rs.815 crores drought assistance to the State. Although,  including Odisha 10 drought affected states have demanded for central assistance in the financial year 2015-16, but Central Govt. has sanctioned  out of National Disaster Relief Fund to different BJP ruled State like  Rs.1276.25 crores for Chhatisgarh, Rs.2023.68 crores for Madhya  Pradesh, Rs.1193.41 crores for Rajasthan, Rs.3049.36 crores for  Maharastra whereas Rs.815 crores only has been sanctioned to Odisha. It  is a matter of regret that Rs.600.52 crores drought assistance has been  sanctioned in three instalments and instructed to incur the rest amount of  Rs.214.48 crores from State Disaster Management Fund. In this situation  the State Govt. has already given Rs.700 crores input subsidy to the  Farmers. The discrimination shown for BJP ruled states Vrs. non-BJP  ruled states as well as undeveloped Odisha, in sanctioning central  assistance creates doubts to the entire farmers’ community of Odisha.  India will develop only when all the states together will develop in a Federal  Structure. Govt. of India should work in this regard. It is well known to  everybody the attitudes of Modi Govt. towards KBK districts of Odisha. The  Modi Govt. is not giving due attention for its development to Odisha State  as expected.  Therefore, Biju Janata Dal, Odisha is requesting Hon’ble  President of India to intervene in the matter and to direct the Central Govt.  to reconsider the genuine demands of the Govt. of Odisa for enhancement  of Minimum Support Price in respect of paddy and sanction the rest amount  of drought assistance as demanded by Odisha to protect the greater  interest of the farmers.

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