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Scam of 35 crores in Kathajodi Bridge

Bhubaneswar,10/12/2015, (Report by Mano Mani Singh) ::-The present govt.has taken much initiatives in the communication system and specifically in the field of construction of Roads and Bridges and the two big bridges in Cuttack dist.such as the Mahanadi Bridge at Banki and Kathajodi Bridge near CDA,Cuttack is one of the best example. The bridge at Banki started in the year 2007-08 when Er.Nalini Pradhan was Chief Engineer and when Er.Pradhan became some spans of the bridge collapsed on two occasions and its cost will be just doubled now & when it will be completed nobody knows and also what will be the final costs . However in case of the Bridge at Kathajodi,there is a great technical conspiracy by Secy.Works in giving extra favour of 35 crores to the South based contractor i.e HES INFRA Pvt.Ltd in addition to the original contract value of 95 crores which should be enquired into.
Kathajoji Bridge scam 2
Kathajoji Bridge scam 3
It is a fact that the above company only before 8 months of his contract to be closed had given a comparative proposal on 8.11.2013 to EE(R&B)Cuttack and the same proposal was sent by EE,Cuttack to SE,Cuttack(R&B)Circle vide letter M-10341/dt 11.11.2013 and as per this proposal the Agency had given an undertaking to execute the superstructure work by replacing the RCC cast-in-situ girder by Precast RCC girders without any extra cost to the Dept. and there will be a time saving of nearly 22 months. But without analyzing the actual cost of the alternate
proposal Secy.Works forced the EE & SE to send the proposal and approved the proposal from CM office only explaining two reasons i.e.(1) in-time saving of 22 months & (2) there will be no extra cost to be paid by the Dept. In the meantime from the deviation it was found that the total cost of the work comes to Rs 108,18,65,161.00 as per the revised proposal which exceeds the agreement value of Rs 94,49,27,459.00 by Rs 13,69,38,722.00 and this confusing excess amount of Rs.13.69 crores violating the proposal has been pointed by the then SE(R&B)Circle and he asked for a clarification from the EE(R&B)Cuttack Vide letter no-6942/dt 5.12.2013 with copy to the CE(world Bank). Actually it is found that soon after Mr.Nalini Pradhan became Secy.Works in September 2013 he orchestrated this conspiracy to save the Agency from being imposed penalty @ 20% of the cost of the left over work and also became blacklisted in not completing the project
in-time as per the Agreement in spite of repeated reminders & warnings from top to bottom of the Dept.Some senior engineers say since it is an item rate contract the design of the uperstructure cannot be changed when the contract is in force and also it violates OPWD code, dehors rule, irregular and completely illegal associated with malafide intention. For the last 50 years not a single case like this has been done in PWD. Besides the estimate of this Bridge was prepared and scrutinized by Mr.Nalini Pradhan, when he was CE (roads) & approved by NABARD. From another investigation it is found that foundation work of the Bridge i.e upto well-cap completion there was a saving of nearly Rs 6 crores as per the Agreement cost but in the mean time the Agency has taken Rs 4 crores as price escalation in 1st phase & claiming another Rs 5 crores submitting the bill and now the cost of the bridge enhanced from 95 crores to 126 crores and it shall be around 150 crores at the last stage. The Secy Works Mr.Nalini Pradhan is the mastermind in this illegal work which has been done deliberately with malafide and to get pecuniary benefit . It has been revealed that Mr.Nalini Pradhan started his career first as an Assistant Engineer & in the initial stage of his service he has managed to take a Bridge work beyond his jurisdiction that is”Sonepur Mahanadi Bridge” & that bridge work was constructed by Rajalaxmi Construction Pvt.Ltd & it collapsed . The same Rajalaxmi Construction after 25 years was doing the Banki Mahanadi Bridge which was also collapsed on two occasions. Paperwork of the site order book says the concerned SE(R&B) Cuttack had clearly ordered in the site Order Book that in the rainy season no casting work is allowed and if the agency will do any casting work it shall be his sole responsibility for any kind of eventuality but Secy.Works telephonically ordered the field Engineers with dire consequences to do the casting work and if the call details of Secy.Works be verified the truth will come out.History says how Mr.Nalini Pradhan had superceeded 22 senior Engineers in 1999 and 2004 through big deals and became chief engineer though OPSC objected this illegal promotion. Further he managed to create one EIC post in a weak corporation (OBCC) through one works minister and became Secy.Works through one Western Odisha bureaucrat spending nearly 4 crores. Now his elder brother-in-law Er.Bharat Pradhan who is CE(roads) is collecting huge money from contractors and Dept. Engineers on behalf of Secy.Works.Now some senior citizens are demanding a high level probe into this scam of 50 crores in Kathajodi Bridge and also all the EPC mode road projects of nearly 3700 crores through a special enquiry to catch hold the black sheep’s of Works Dept. and to check big scams in Works Dept. which is under the control of Hon’ble Chief Minister.

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