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Bhubaneswar Music Circle Annual Music Festival 2015

Bhubaneswar,2nd November 2015:(Biswaranjan Mishra) :Bhubaneswar Music Circle organised Annual Music Festival 2015 at Rabindra Mandap .On 2nd November Instrumental (Saxophone) Recital — Shri I. Manmadha Rao accompanied with Shri M Satynarayana Sarma in Violin & Shri Kulamani Sahoo on Tabala .
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Shri I. Manmadha Rao
Born to Shri I Ktishno Rao Garu and Smt I Mahalakshmi in 1986, in Paralakhemundi which comes under the Gajapati district of Odisha, Shri lnapakruti Manmadho Rao has been able to carve a niche for himself in the field of music from a very tender age. Hailing from a musical family, Shri Rao received training from his father Shri I Krishna Rao Garu, his paternal Uncle, Shri I Raja Rao Gaw, besides Clorionet exponents like Shri G Sriram Murty Garu and Shri Y Jagga Rao Garu. His musical training continues at present under the able guidance of Shri G Sriram Murty Garu. Shri Rao acknowledges the role played by Vidwan Shri V V Ramana Murthy Garu, Top grade Mridangam Staff Artist, AIR, Visakhapatnam in his short and glorious musical journey.
Shri Rao gave his first concert at the young age of 16 at his home town Paralakhemuridi after which he has never looked back. He has performed in several concerts in and around Paralakhemundi, Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam, Vizianogaram, Kakinada, Bhubaneshwar, Berhampur, Hyderabad and Chennai. Besides, he has played in the Maha Soura Yagam, Arasavalli, Srikakulam in 2013, Nada Neerajanam, Tirumala, SVBC in January 2013, Akashvani Sangeet Sanmelano National Concert at Tirupati in October 2014, Yadagirigutta Bramhotsavalu in 2012. at the Central University, Hyderabad in 2012, to name a few.
He was graded as a B High artist in Saxophone by the All India Radio in the year 2010 and was upgraded to the coveted A grade in 2013.
He received the Best Saxophone Instrumentalist Award from Visakha Music and Dance Academy (VMDA), Visakhapatnam in the year 2008.
lnapakruti Manmadha Rao is endowed with a flair for musical expression and a command over melody. With a good grip over his instrumeni and a fair grasp of musical intricacies, he shows exemplary involvement in his playing which invariably reaches out and touches the hearts of the music lovers
Next Smt. Anita Goswami presented Hindustani Vocal Recital with the vocal support by Sushree Shelly Chandan Goswami accompanied by Shri Akash Ranjib Biswal in Harmonium & Shri Kulamani Sahoo in Tabla.
T. Anita Goswomi
Smi. Anita Goswan starc- H ner muscoI jour ‘t th’ of W with her first Guru SmI. Renuko Sen at ir Afte doing i:i :1 ce korned details of Khoyal goyoi fron hi Amiyo Ghosh and UTocI lqbo I ‘d Khcin and Thumri from Pt Kosh’ frvishra … ‘-‘ voi exrnent at .4’f India Rodi Pcrh She has been learning Khayol anci dma Bhushon I hnonnulal Mishro of Voro nosi
Anita completed her ‘Songeet Prabhkor’ at Proyag Songeet Somiti. Allohobod ond ‘Sangeet Shoskar’ [M. Musi at Procheen Kalo Kendra. Chondigarh. She holds a Master degree in Music from the Mumbai University and hod the honour of securing second position in Itie finjl examination in the University. She is an ‘A’ grade artist in Hirdi Bhojon end 8 high’ grade artist in Thumil in All India Radio and Doordorshon.
Anita is an emponeled artist of Indian Council for Cutu,ol kelations, Ministry of External At I ars. India and ci regular performer of All India ado. Mumboi She is a recipient of the Suw:ir rn rhe Sur Singar .3amsca ‘nbo.
Anita has performed in urous musical conceris across the length and breadth of
the country. Some of her significant performances include those for
Bhuboneshwor Music Circle. Odisha (1994), ISKCON temple. JL’hu. Mumbol (2002).
Holim Academy of Sitar, Mumboi (2002), Swaromilar. Mumboi (2003), Udoyan.
NGM. Mtjmboi (2005). Swaromouli, Mumbai (2005), N.C.P.A.. Mumboi (2005.
2008). Vasai Koio Academy (2006), Purushottomdos Bhej. ;n Sammelan (2006.
2007), Abdul Korim Khon Memorial Festival, Miro1, Maharash ía (2007), Ambabai
Novaratra Mahotsov. Miroj, Maharashtrci (2007), Nehr Centre. Mumboi (2008),
Mumboi University (2009). Spandan, Vapi, Gujoraf (2009), Swami Hondas Sangeet
Sammelon, Mumbal (2009). Dr. Prabha Atre foundation. Pune, Maharoshtro
(2010). irc Sangeet Somrneian, Mumbai (2014). Gfrnor Mcihotsav, Junagadh
(20 15) etc.
Besides classical singing, she has lent her voice in several commercial recordings like the 18 chapters of ‘Shrimad Bhogavod Geeta’ produced by ISKCON, Bhubaneshwoí, and ‘Vjsh9usohQshra Noam’ and ‘Bho1o Gc,viridom’ produced by Samrat Cassette Company, Cuttack, Odisho. She has also provided play back singing for a Bengali fUm (Ghar Sansar) and two 0db films (Indradhonu ra Chhai. Emiti Bhi Jagote Nahi) and has sung for TV serials like Gurukul (in Starplus) and Aankhein (in Doordarshan),

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