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Airport Environment Management Committee (AEMC) meeting

Bhubaneswar , 19th August 2015 Airport Environment Management Committee (AEMC) meeting held in the Secretariat on 19.08.2015 The meeting was chaired by Shri. G C Pati IAS, Chief Secretary, Govt of Odisha. Sh. Sharad Kumar, Airport Director, BPI Airport Bhubaneswar is the convenor of the meeting.AEMC meetings are held half yearly to review the action plan to ensure that the airport environment remains safe for aircraft operations. The meeting was attended by Principal Secretary, GA Deptt., Commissioner of Police, DCP, Bhubaneswar, Additional Commissioner, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, Works Department, City Forest Department, Orissa University of Agriculture Technology apart from the officers from Airports Authority of India, Indigo and Go Air officials.Presence of number of slums, butchery shops, OUAT farming area, ponds around the airport are the sources of attraction for the birds which are hazardous for aircraft operation. Removal of slums, butchery shops and relocation of OUAT area to some other place was suggested.Filling of low lying area in the Laterite mine at Kargil slum with Construction Debris is also suggested as a huge water body is created over the place during rainy season.Farming area, coconut plantation and ponds in OUAT area also attract birds. State Government assured to relocate OUAT to some other place. Till that time, bird scaring devices will be positioned in OUAT area. The drains in and around the airport are clogged and the stagnated water creates pressure on the Airport boundary wall causing damage as well as acts as a water body to attract birds. The drainage systems in and around the airport will be revamped.

Necessary action with regard to dog menace in the airport was requested as ABC program does not seem to be effective.The Chief Secretary instructed to have frequent inspections around the airfield area to keep it well maintained. While, accepting a suggestion from Indigo Airlines, Chief Secretary has agreed to include Municipal Ward Corporators to sensitize the issue at the grass root level.The Chief Secretary has directed to take all measures and ensure that Bhubaneswar Airport remain the safest Airport in the country. Another review meeting will be taken by Principal Secretary, GA Deptt. in a fortnight and the next review will be held by Chief Secretary in 1st week of September, 2015.


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