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Kashyapa Bag Murder case : Wife & her lover arrested by Bargarh police

Wife & her lover arrested by Bargarh policeBargarh ,25th June 2015 :

Ref:- Paikmal PS Case No-51 DT.04.050.2015 U/S -302/201/34 IPC
Kashyap Bag(36) s/o Kartik Bag was working as labour in Tamilnadu state. To see Baisakha Mela he informed his wife Bindu Bag over phone that he has coming to enjoy Baisakha mela on 28.04.2015. When Bindu Bag learnt that Kashyap Bag was coming, she made conspiracy with Permananda Dandsena who is her lover since last 09 months and Nirupama Seth who is her cousin sister of Bindu Bag to commit murder of Kashyap Bag. On 28.04.2015 evening at about 7.00 pm, Kashyap Bag arrived in his house located at Jamunanagar Paikmal. Bindu immediately brought alcohol, meat. On the same night Kashyap Bag was given excess alcohol diluted with sleeping pubs. On the same night as per their previous plan, premanand gave an axe blow on his throat in an intention to kill him but it hit on his chin and caused severe bleeding and cut injury. Bindu along with premanand and Niru cleaned the blood. Due to intoxication state Kashyap Bag could not know anything and Bindu Bag did not allow him to go outside of the house. On 29.04.2015 Kashyap Bag was again given alcohol diluted with sleeping pills and in two hours interval he was given sleeping pills. Kashyap Bag under intoxication could not move and remained under semi unconscious. On Thursday night i.e. on 30.04.2015 premanand Dandsena climbed on a wall located inside the room and Bindu and Niru caught their hands and legs. Premanand tied the rope on a wooden beam and kept hanging for about two hours and in the process he died. After his death Premanand cut the rope and along with Bindu and Niru, took the dead body inside the bed room and kept the body covering with a bed sheet. Then all the three accd. persons discussed how to dispose of the dead body and finally buried the dead body in the back side of the house. When the neighbours started murmuring about the incident out of fear, they absconded from the house on 30.05.2015 (Sunday) and straight went to Raipur and Mathura a team formed to apprehend them but the accd. persons got information and absconded from there and came to Odisha. Getting reliable information they apprehended from Bargarh.

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