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IMG-2015Bhubaneswar,23rd June 2015 (By Biswaranjan Mishra)Usha Das (Name changed), 30-year female, was suffering from left hip pain and limping for last 18 years. Not getting relief from pain even after undergoing extensive treatment in various hospitals of Odisha, she visited Apollo Hospital, Chennai, where she was operated. She was also treated with anti-tubercular medication for nine months. However, there was no relief even after these interventions.

Subsequently, she also developed Avascular Necsosis of Head of Femur (Lt). For this, she was again operated at Seven Hills Hospital, Vizag, but again without much relief. She continued to limp and have pain in left hip while walking.

Recently, she consulted Dr. B. K. Behera, Asso. Professor of Orthopedics, KIMS, Bhubaneswar, after receiving positive feedback from one of her relatives, who was treated by Dr. Behera. Dr. Behera examined the case in detail and found that she was suffering from secondary Osteoarthritis of Hip joint with Avascular Necsosis of head of femur. The treatment for this condition is Total hip replacement which was discussed with the patient in detail. The patient wanted a long durable prosthesis, which can last more than 30 years.

Dr. B. K. Behera, senior Joint Replacement surgeon, along with Dr. J. Baidya and Dr. K. Srikant operated her successfully on 06-05-2015 at KIMS without any complication. The anesthesia was administered by Dr. J. C. Mishra.

The total Hip Replacement was done with ceramic to ceramic (Ceramic head size – 36mm – Ceramic lines) Prosthesis (Implant) which is latest in the world. The life span of this Implant is more than 30 years which is good for younger patients.

The surgery was done with mini incision by Anterolateral approach. This total Hip Replacement incision is smaller than the earlier 2 healed incisions. With this technique, dislocation of Prosthesis is less than 0.1%. Patient gets early recovery and can be discharged to home by 5th day.

The patient was discharged from KIMS hospital on 6th day post operation. The total Hip Replacement surgery was uneventful. The patient got early recovery with pain free walking with this technique of total hip replacement.

Now, the patient is very happy as there is neither pain nor limping during walking.

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