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Vedanta celebrates World Environment Day at Lanjigarh.

Vedanta Ltd, Lanjigarh KalahandiLanjigarh ,5th June 2015:-On the eve of world environment day in the premises for Vedanta Ltd, Lanjigarh , arranged a plantation drive at SSNP colony and Vedanta Hospital where Mr. Bimalananda Senapati –Head Alumina operation and Power, attended as chief guest in the presence D Rabindranath-Head Project and the officials of Partner companies. Mr.Rabi Narayan Mishra, Head HSE has been monitoring the overall program where M Manoj Babu , Sonia Purohit, Soumya Naik, Nipun Nada, Hari Majhi has been doing various competitions among the school students and staffs for better awareness.

On the eve Mr. K.K.Dave,COO,Vedanta Ltd, says” Vedanta ; as a responsible corporate has been adopting various initiatives in keeping the environment healthy and safety and Plantation by employees will be helpful for the fulfilling this year’s WED theme ”Seven billion dreams; One Plant Consume with care”.

Similarly company has taken various initiatives for creating awareness among the community by slogan, Drawing, Postors and displaying banners. Also there is a plantation drive in the premises of Pataleswari Fly Ash unit near Nangalbeda ,Child Care center at Goipeta,YuvaPragati Kendra .Around 15000 saplings have been planted and Villagers like Rama Rana,Nilamber Sahu-Youth entrepreneur ,SHG members etc participated.

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