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Corruption in Watershed Projects of Bargarh Dist

canal from 28 Lakh rupee worth re-innovation of irrigation and water harvesting structure in Dongar Kermeli of SohelaSohela,4thJune 2015 (By Amitav Patra):- “Dangar Kermeli” is a small village located in a valley with about 500 population, surrounded by mountains all around, in the Sohela Block. To reach there one has to travel about 8 kilometers on kuccha (unpaved motorable road). The area is located between 2 minor irrigation projects – Talkhol and Victoria Sagar. Watershed dept and minor irrigation dept have made many projects there, where incomplete/ semi-complete and “completed on pen and paper” projects are lying. Instead of benefits to people, the projects are destroying the land and old structures. People are not getting water to bath even, due to destruction of old waterbody by the contractor who started the work, but immediately left dumping some stones, and digging out here and there. The incomplete and semi-complete works have added to the problems of the farmers.

The 2 biggest problems are road communication to the village, and the water issue. Massive corruption causing low grade work is snatching away even the least people have. The village gets cut off from from road links due to flood water running down the mountain and washing away the “modern structures” which are built low grade and massive siphoning off of the funds allocated for the works. People have to carry patients on “charpoys”. Expecting mothers are left away at more accessible locations who have better facilities. Children and girls higher education is a question due to the in-accessible location and safety issue.

The primary school does not have safe cooking area. Mid Day Mill is prepared in the old building which was built by contractor who swallowed the funds and quality of construction work you can see in the images. When the roof will fall down, no one knows, risking the life of people.

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